The Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay

A Case of Extreme Language Contact


In The Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay: A Case of Extreme Language Contact, the synchrony and diachrony of Sri Lanka Malay are investigated from a variety of angles: Experts on South Asia, South East Asia, Creole Studies, Areal Linguistics, Typology, and Sociolinguistics all contribute their share to a truly global analysis of one of the most extreme cases of language contact, where the Malays changed the whole morphosyntax of their language in as little as just over three centuries.
The genesis of Sri Lanka Malay informs theories of language contact, language change, and 'creolization', as well as sociolinguistics, language policy and planning and a critical analysis of the 'endangered language' discourse.

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Sebastian Nordhoff, Ph. D. (2009), University of Amsterdam, is postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Insitute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig. He works on languages of Sri Lanka, language contact, and Linguistic Linked Open Data. Next to his reference grammar of Sri Lanka Malay, he has published on its synchrony and diachrony.

Contributors include Peter Bakker, James W. Gair, Mohamed Jaffar, Sebastian Nordhoff, Romola Rassool, Peter Slomanson, and Ian Smith.
"This volume is an excellent example of how the synergy of different linguistic fields can yield a tangible result. Reading through the volume, one gets a very clear picture of how far linguists have come in understanding the origins and formation of SLM. The Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay will be of great value not only to linguists interested in SLM, but also to scholars interested in language contact, language change, creolization, sociolinguistics, and language policy." – Francesca R. Moro, in: Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 1/2 (2014), pp. 223-228
"This book will be of great value to linguists interested in the importance of socio-historical context in the development of contact languages and the interaction of structural features between languages in contact." – Felicity Meakins, The University of Queensland, on: Linguist List
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1. Introduction
Sebastian Nordhoff

2. Synchronic Grammar of Sri Lanka Malay
Sebastian Nordhoff

3. Sri Lanka Malay: New Findings on Contacts
Peter Bakker

4. Known, Inferable, and Discoverable in Sri Lankan Malay Research
Peter Slomanson

5. Issues of Power and Privilege in the Maintenance of Sri Lanka Malay: A Sociolinguistic Analysis
Romola Rassool

6. The Lexical Sources of Sri Lanka Malay Revisited
Scott Paauw

7. Sri Lankan Languages in the South-South Asia Linguistic Area: Sinhala and Sri Lanka Malay
James W. Gair

8. Hijacked Constructions in Second Language Acquisition: Implications for Sri Lanka Malay
Ian Smith

9. The Semantics of Serial Verb Constructions in Sri Lanka Malay
Mohamed Jaffar

10. The Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay as a Multi-Layered Process
Sebastian Nordhoff

Historical linguists, creolists, specialists in South and South East Asia as well as anyone interested in diaspora populations, construction of identity and the history of Sri Lanka