Modern Chinese Religion II: 1850 - 2015 (2 vols.)


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The last of four two-volume sets on the key periods of paradigm shift in Chinese religious and cultural history, this book examines the transformation of values in China since 1850, in the “secular” realms of economics, science, medicine, aesthetics, media, and gender, and in each of the major religions (Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity) as well as in Marxist discourse. The nation and science are the values invoked most frequently, with the market and democracy a distant second. As in previous periods of fundamental change in Chinese history, rationalization and secularization have played central roles, but interiorization nearly disappears as a driving force. Also in continuity with the past, the state insists on an exclusive right to define and adjudicate orthodoxy.
Contributors include: Daniel H. Bays, Sébastien Billioud, Adam Yuet Chau, Na Chen, Philip Clart, Walter B. Davis, Arif Dirlik, Thomas David DuBois, Lizhu Fan, David Faure, Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye, Ji Zhe, Xiaofei Kang, Eric I. Karchmer, André Laliberté, Angela Ki Che Leung, Xun Liu, Richard Madsen, David Ownby, Ellen Oxfeld, Volker Scheid, Grace Yen Shen, Michael Szonyi, Wang Chien-ch’uan, Xue Yu

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Pages: 977–1076
Pages: 1077–1103
Vincent Goossaert, PhD (1997), Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, is professor of Daoism and Chinese history at that university. He has published books on the Daoist clergy, anticlericalism, Chinese dietary taboos, the production of moral norms, and, with David Palmer, The Religious Question in Modern China (Chicago, 2011; Levenson Prize 2013).
Jan Kiely, PhD 2001, University of California, Berkeley, is professor and associate director of the Centre for China Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is co-editor of Recovering Buddhism in Modern China (2016) and author of The Compelling Ideal: Thought Reform and the Prison in China, 1901-1956 (2014).
John Lagerwey, PhD (1975), Harvard University, is professor of Chinese studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is author of China a Religious State (2010) and co-editor of Early Chinese Religion I and II (Brill, 2009, 2010) and Modern Chinese Religion I (Brill, 2014).
List of contributors
Introduction … Vincent Goossaert, Jan Kiely, John Lagerwey

Part 1: Foundational transformations
Section 1: Economics
The introduction of economics in China, 1850-2010 … David Faure
Section 2: Science
Scientism in the twentieth century … Grace Yen Shen
Section 3: Medicine
History of Chinese medicine, 1890–2010 … Volker Scheid and Eric I. Karchmer
Section 4:Aesthetics
Art, aesthetics, and religion in modern China … Walter B. Davis

Part 2: State policy/state ideology
Buddhism and the state in modern and contemporary China … Xue Yu
The discourse of “Chinese Marxism” … Arif Dirlik

Part 3: Histories of religions
Section 1: Rural traditions
Local religion and festivals … Thomas David DuBois
Moral discourse, moral practice, and the rural family in modern China … Ellen Oxfeld
Lineages and the making of contemporary China … Michael Szonyi

Section 2: Social and institutional change and religion
Women and the religious question in modern China … Xiaofei Kang
New technologies and the production of religious texts in China, 19th-21st century … Philip Clart
Charity, medicine, and religion: the quest for modernity in Canton (ca. 1870-1937) … Angela Ki Che Leung
Religions and philanthropy in Chinese societies since 1978 … André Laliberté

Section 3: Spirit writing, redemptive societies
Spirit writing groups in modern China (1840-1937): textual production, public teachings, and charity … Wang Chien-ch’uan
Redemptive societies in the twentieth century … David Ownby

Section 4: The Three Teachings: Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism
Buddhist institutional innovations … Ji Zhe
The hidden tradition: Confucianism and its metamorphoses in modern and contemporary China … Sébastien Billioud
Daoism from the late Qing to early Republican periods … Xun Liu

Section 5: Christianity
Anti-modern theology and pre-modern practice: Catholic indigenization from below in modern China … Richard Madsen
Protestantism and modern China: rejection, success, disaster, survival, and rebirth … Daniel H. Bays
Miraculous modernity: charismatic traditions and trajectories within Chinese Protestant Christianity … Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye

Section 6: Contemporary trends
The revival and development of popular religion in China, 1980-present … Lizhu Fan and Na Chen
The commodification of religion in Chinese societies … Adam Yuet Chau

Anyone interested in contemporary China, the tensions between religions and modernization, Chinese medicine and Marxism. Suitable for academic libraries, students of all levels, and educated laypersons.
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