Global Pentecostal Movements

Migration, Mission, and Public Religion


This volume contributes to the growing body of literature on religion and globalization and specifically global Pentecostal movements. While Pentecostalism worldwide shares a cultural resemblance, it is also localized and expressed in different ways. The variety of Pentecostalisms throughout the world are illustrated through important themes of mission, migration, and public religion. The global flows of Pentecostal practices, beliefs, and cultures, brings into contrast these variations. Negotiating what it means to be Pentecostal often leads to conflict and questions of identity. Interaction with other religions like Islam in Africa, mission work in Asia, and migration to Europe and North America is problematized. Regional coverage includes Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America.

Contributors include: Thomas Aechtner, Connie Ho Yan Au, Joseph Bosco Bangura, Richard Burgess, Girish Daswani, David A. Reed, Otto Madura, Néstor Medina, A. Christian van Gorder, Michael Wilkinson, and Seth N. Zielicke.

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Michael Wilkinson, Ph.D. (1999), Trinity Western University, is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Religion in Canada Institute. He has published extensively on Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity, including Winds from the North (Brill, 2010).
"There are many times when a collection of academic essays is simply an eclectic mix of random conference papers, but that is not the case with Global Pentecostal Movements. It is true that each article can stand on its own merit. They are all well written and provide great snapshots of global Pentecostalism. But this book also works well as a collection of material that together provides great insight into how Pentecostal missions developed, spread, and has now returned through diaspora mission movements." - Robert Danielson, in: Missiology, Vol. 42
"It includes fascinating case studies of how Pentecostal leaders and organizations have moved around the globe, debating the space between religion and culture, adopting and innovating on old themes to develop a religion that works." - Nicolette Manglos, Williams Colleg, in: Sociology of Religion, 75 (1)
"This collection forms a testimony (pun intended) to the great diversity in scholarship that has emerged around the subject of Pentecostalism." - Kim Knibbe, University of Groningen, in: Journal of Religion in Europe Vol. 7
"Wilkinson’s volume clearly shows that Pentecostalism provides a unique lens to study cultural processes of globalisation and migration, the creation of transnational networks and imagined communities, as well as the religious everyday life of different local and diasporic communities that exist around the globe." - Uta Andrea Balbier, King’s College London, in: Religion, Vol. 45:2
"These contributors produce riveting stories of our fellow believers who are negotiating their faith in circumstances very different from the global north, many of them under religious, political, and/or economic stress." - Martin William Mittelstadt, Evangel University, Missouri, in: Journal for Pentecostal Ministry, Vol. 10
"This text should be added to any library that studies contemporary Pentecostalism as it will serve as a resource to university students at all levels. It is also recommended for those attempting to stay abreast of the manifold developments of global Pentecostalism." - L. William Oliverio, Marquette University, in: Canadian Journal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity Vol. 5 No. 1
"It may be recommended to all those who want to follow the contemporary missionary movement from an ecumenical perspective." - Wojciech Kluj, OMI, in: Bibliographia Missionaria LXXVII
All interested in religion, globalization, and Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity.
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