Print Culture and Peripheries in Early Modern Europe

A Contribution to the History of Printing and the Book Trade in Small European and Spanish Cities


Despite the fact that, if only by number, small and peripheral cities played an important role in fifteenth and sixteenth-century European print culture, book history has mainly been dominated by monographs on individual big book centres. Through a number of specific case studies, which deploy a variety of methods and a wide range of sources, this volume seeks to enhance our understanding of printing and the book trade in small and peripheral European cities in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and to emphasize the necessity of new research for the study of print culture in such cities.

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Benito Rial Costas, Ph.D. (2006) in Spanish Philology, University of Santiago de Compostela, is an independent scholar based in Italy. He has published on print culture in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, including Producción y comercio del libro (2007).

Contributors include: Falk Eisermann, Paul F. Gehl, John Hinks, Natalia Maillard Álvarez, Ian Maxted, Hubert Meeus, Jaime Moll, István Monok, Marta M. Nadales, José Manuel Pedraza Gracia, Manuel Peña Díaz, Rafael M. Pérez García, Giancarlo Petrella, Fermín de los Reyes, Benito Rial Costas, Anastasio Rojo Vega, Pablo Sánchez León, Wolfgang Undorf, and Malcolm Walsby.
“The volume lives up to its ambitions and contains much that is novel and useful.”
Ian Maclean, All Souls College, Oxford University. In: Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 66, No. 3 (Fall 2013), pp. 964-965.

“The caliber of research in all essays in the volume is extremely high, with some genuinely outstanding contributions […] both the editor and contributors should be congratulated on this remarkable and thought-provoking volume.”
Alexander S. Wilkinson, University College Dublin. In: SHARP News, Vol. 23, No. 4 (Autumn 2014), p. 10.

“this is a welcome collection of studies illustrating the less-than-usual corners of the early-modern book trade in Europe.”
David J. Shaw, Canterbury. In: Publishing History, Vol. 73 (2013), pp. 81-84.

“Así un volumen que nos ofrece, sin duda, una óptica absolutamente novedosa y que, aventuramos, tendrá un feliz recorrido en los próximos años.”
José Luis Gonzalo Sánchez-Molero, University Complutense of Madrid. In: Revista General de Información y Documentación, Vol. 23, No. 2 (2013), pp. 462-464.


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Part I. Small Cities in Context

Chapter 1: Pablo Sánchez León
European Provincial Towns: Demographic and Institutional Trends in Regional Networks, 1400–1600

Part II. Printing and the Book Trade in Small European Cities

Chapter 2: Falk Eisermann
A Golden Age? Monastic Printing Houses in the Fifteenth Century

Chapter 3: Paul F. Gehl
Advertising or Fama? Local Markets for Schoolbooks in Sixteenth-Century Italy

Chapter 4: John Hinks
The Book Trade in Early Modern Britain: Centres, Peripheries and Networks

Chapter 5: Ian Maxted
Impressorie Arte: The Impact of Printing in Exeter and Devon

Chapter 6: Hubert Meeus
Printing in the Shadow of a Metropolis

Chapter 7: István Monok
Towns and Book Culture in Hungary at the End of the Fifteenth Century and During the Sixteenth Century

Chapter 8: Giancarlo Petrella
Ippolito Ferrarese, a Traveling ‘Cerretano’ and Publisher in Sixteenth-Century Italy

Chapter 9: Wolfgang Undorf
Print and Book Culture in the Danish Town of Odense

Chapter 10: Malcolm Walsby
Printer Mobility in Sixteenth-Century France

Part III. Printing and the Book Trade in Small Spanish Cities

Chapter 11: Natalia Maillard Álvarez and Rafael M. Pérez García
Printing Presses in Antequera in the Sixteenth Century

Chapter 12: Jaime Moll
The Liturgical Books Published by Pedro de Castro, Bishop of Cuenca (1554–1561)

Chapter 13: José Manuel Pedraza Gracia
Minor Printing Offices in Fifteenth and Sixteenth-Century Aragon: Híjar, Huesca and Épila

Chapter 14: Manuel Peña Díaz
Barcelona: Printers, Booksellers and Local Markets in the Sixteenth Century

Chapter 15: Fermín de los Reyes and Marta M. Nadales
The Book in Segovia in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries: Accident, Chance, Necessity?

Chapter 16: Benito Rial Costas
Santiago de Compostela: A Case Study of Bookselling in Peripheries

Chapter 17: Anastasio Rojo Vega
From Europe to Finisterre: A Caravan of Books to Galicia (1595)
All those interested in book history, early modern European history, bibliography, European Renaissance, cultural history, and the history of printing and the book trade.
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