Chinese Contemporary Perspectives on International Law

History, Culture and International Law


Built on the theme “history, culture and international law”, this special course gives a comprehensive review of China’s contemporary perspective and practice of international law in the past 60 years, with its focus on the recent 30 years when China is gradually integrated into international legal system through its opening up and economic reform process. After an in-depth revisit of China’s position on sovereignty and non-interference from a historical and cultural perspective, the author further explores a few areas of importance where China’s viewpoints often invite general interest: human rights, sustainable development, and multilateralism and regional cooperation.

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Co-publication with: The Hague Academy of International Law.
"Overall, Xue presents a rich, generally temperate, and, at times, critical account of contemporary China’s approach to a wide range of international legal issues, including many that are of greatest concern to China, to those who must deal with China, and to the international legal community more broadly. Xue provides, for the English language reader, a concise and sophisticated version of official or orthodox PRC positions. Anyone wishing to understand the fundamentals and some of the details of China’s approach to key questions of international law and related policy and practice would be well served by reading Xue’s book."
-Jacques DeLisle, University of Pennsylvania Law School
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