Minorities, their Rights, and the Monitoring of the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

Essays in Honour of Rainer Hofmann


Editors: Tove H. Malloy and Ugo Caruso
In Minorities, their Rights, and the Monitoring the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Malloy and Caruso have collected a number of essays authored by prominent European experts on minority rights with aim to provide a first ever description and analysis of the processes guiding the monitoring of the Convention. The volume addresses both the technical and political side of the monitoring, and it brings in not only views from the host of the Convention, the Council of Europe, but also from the external players that interact with the Convention in the course of seeking to protect Europe’s national minorities

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Tove H. Malloy, Ph.D. (Essex) is Director of the European Centre for Minority Issues and Lecturer at the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Flensburg. She is the author of National Minority Rights in Europe (OUP, 2005) and numerous articles on minority protection.

Ugo Caruso, LL.M. (Torino) is Research Associate at the European Centre for Minority Issues and co-managing editor of the European Yearbook of Minority Issues. He is a member of the International Law Association and acted as consultant for different UN agencies and the Council of Europe.
Selected Abbreviations; Introduction and Acknowledgements;
Part I The Institution and Its Mandate
Chapter One The Beginning Alan Phillips;
Chapter Two Ensuring Social and Economic Rights of National Minorities through the Work of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention Asbjørn Eide;
Chapter Three Advancing the Mandate in Post-Communist Countries Gáspár Bíró;
Part II The Mandate and the Normative Force of the FCNM
Chapter Four The Role of Dialogue in the Monitoring Process of the Framework Convention Antti Korkeakivi;
Chapter Five Five Years After: Continuing Reflections on the Thematic Commentary on Effective Participation. The Interplay between Equality and Participation Joseph Marko;
Chapter Six Addressing Contemporary Stalemate in the Advancement of Minority Rights: Commentary on Language Rights of Persons Belonging to National Minorities Francesco Palermo;
Chapter Seven The Political Process of Monitoring the FCNM Tove H. Malloy;
Part III Working the Mandate
Chapter Eight The Secretariat and Servicing the Presidents of the Advisory Committee Alain Chablais;
Chapter Nine A Frame with Multiple Shapes: The UNMIK-CoE Agreement Ugo Caruso;
Chapter Ten Working with the Language Charter Committee of Experts Stefan Oeter;
Chapter Eleven Working with the Committee of Experts on Issues relating to the Protection of National Minorities Detlev Rein;
Chapter Twelve The Advisory Committee and Non-Governmental Organizations Françoise Kempf;
List of Contributors.
Practitioners, scholars and students interested in the European normative regime of minority and human rights protection as well as diplomats involved in the monitoring processes will find this volume of value.