Indian Muslims, the Ottomans and Britain (1877-1924)


This important study examines the Indo-Muslim attitude towards the Ottomans from the start of the Russo-Turkish war in 1877 until the end of the Caliphate in 1924. The period treated coincides with what is commonly described as the Pan-Islamic Movement; the British reaction to the Pan-Islamic developments is also discussed extensively.
No comprehensive study to date has dealt with the nature of the relations between the Ottomans and other Muslims, and therefore this work provides new historical, religious and political perspectives on the modern history of Indian Muslims. In addition to Indian, Pakistani, Ottoman and British archival material, publications such as diaries, memoirs, newspapers and books have been incorporated, including writings in Urdu which are generally inaccessible to most historians studying late nineteenth-century Ottoman history.

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Azmi Özcan, Ph.D. (1990) in History, University of London, SOAS, is the Head of the Centre for Islamic Studies in Istanbul and Lecturer. He has published extensively on various aspects of late Ottoman history and contributed many articles to the Turkish Encyclopaedia of Islam.
'There are a few works on the relations between the Ottomans and the Indian muslims. The existing ones however, mainly based on the English sources. The fact that the Ottoman archival material used for the first time in a study dealing also with the modern history of the Indian muslims vis a vi the British and the Ottomans, makes this study indispensable for those who are interested in the history of respective lands. Therefore Dr. Ozcan's work is a great contribution and deserves every credit.…'
Prof. Dr. Nejat Göyünç, The Journal of the Ottoman Studies, 1988.
All those interested in Islamic history, the development of Muslim political thought, Pan-Islamic movements, the Ottoman Empire and the Indian sub-continent.
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