The Archives of the Church of Uganda: 3. General Secretary

The Archives of the Church of Uganda
General Secretary

The records document the history of the Church of the Province of Uganda. Christianity came to Uganda late compared with many other parts of Africa. The first Church Missionary Society missionaries arrived at King Mutesa's court on June 30, 1877. This was seventy-eight years after the founding of the Church Missionary Society in Great Britain. However, within eight decades, after having passed through much persecution, Uganda had become one of the most successful mission fields in the world. By 1914, through its indigenous teachers and a few European missionaries, nearly the whole of the area today called Uganda had already been evangelized. In 1961 the growth of the Church of Uganda was recognized in the Anglican Communion with the establishment of the Church of the Province of Uganda, Rwanda-Burundi and Boga-Zaire.

This collection is an important source not only for the history of Christianity in Uganda, but also for the political and social development of the country, both before and after its independence.

This collection is also included in the Archives of the Church of Uganda collection.