The Praised and the Virgin 


In The Praised and the Virgin, Rusmir Mahmutćehajić provides an extended theologically and philosophically informed meditation on relations between the Muslim and Christian traditions, through the persons of Muhammad (the Praised) and Mary (the Virgin), as complementary bearers of God’s Word. He traces their presence in the extended encounter of the Abrahamic traditions that is Bosnia’s past and present, demonstrating how these traditions inform each other, while simultaneously preserving their difference and uniqueness. He lays fundamental groundwork for a more authentic dialogue, based on identity and difference in history under God, that is also a critique of inhumane ideologies and a modernity that has forsaken God and Man, again as reflected in the historical experiences of the Bosnian people.

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Rusmir Mahmutćehajić is a Bosnian academic, author and former statesman. The foremost advocate of Bosnia as an historical community constituted out of confessional diversity, he is an internationally recognised scholar of the Muslim intellectual tradition, considered as a branch of religio perennis. His books include On Love in the Islamic Tradition, The Mosque: Heart of Submission, and On the Other: a Muslim View.
All interested in the prospects for a theologically, philosophically and historically informed dialogue between the Abrahamic traditions, particularly with reference to the history of coexistence in the Balkans and Bosnia.