Hittite Landscape and Geography


In Hittite Landscape and Geography Mark Weeden and Lee Ullmann have gathered 28 specialist authors to present an up-to-date account of research on the Geography of Late Bronze Age Anatolia (second half of the second millennium BC) using information both from cuneiform texts and from archaeological excavation and survey. The study of texts and archaeology require different specialisms. This is the first time an attempt has been made to present a co-ordinated monograph-length view of Hittite geography since 1959, and the first time that any work has tried to balance archaeological and textual data for the same geographical areas. The result is a foundational research tool which will put scholarship on Hittite Geography on a firm footing for the future.

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Mark Weeden, is a senior lecturer in Ancient Near Eastern Studies at SOAS, University of London. He works on Anatolia and Syria in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages, and authored the book Hittite Logograms and Hittite Scholarship (2011).
Lee Ullmann is the Director of the MIT Sloan Latin America Office in Santiago, Chile. He previously taught in the Art History & Archaeology Department at Columbia University and his PhD was entitled Movement and the Making of Place in the Hittite Landscape.
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1 Introduction
Mark Weeden and Lee Z. Ullmann

Perspectives based Primarily on Archaeological Evidence

2 The Land of the Hittites: Airs, Waters and Places
Neil Roberts
3 The Discovery of a Hittite City Developments in Hittite Geography based on the Identification of Ortaköy-Šapinuwa
Aygül Süel and Mustafa Süel†
4 Hattusa and its Environs: Archaeology
Andreas Schachner
5 Central East: Archaeology. Alacahöyük, Eskiyapar, Ortaköy, Maşathöyük
Tunç Sipahi, Aygül Süel, Mustafa Süel† and Mark Weeden
6 The East: Archaeology. The Upper Land, Azzi-Hayaša, Išuwa
Andreas Müller-Karpe
7 The North: Archaeology
Claudia Glatz
8 South-Central: Archaeology
Alvise Matessi and Bianca Maria Tomassini Pieri
9 Central West: Archaeology
Kimiyoshi Matsumura and Mark Weeden
10 The West: Archaeology
Sevinç Günel
11 Kizzuwatna: Archaeology
Mirko Novák and Susanne Rutishauser
12 The Euphrates States and Elbistan: Archaeology
Michael Brown and Tony J. Wilkinson†
13 The Northern Levant: Archaeology
Jesse Casana

Perspectives based Primarily on Philological Evidence

14 Hattuša and Environs: Philology
Özlem Sir Gavaz
15 Central East: Philology
Aygül Süel, Mustafa Süel† and Mark Weeden
16 The East: Upper Land, Išuwa-Malitiya, Azzi-Hayaša Philology
Metin Alparslan
17 The North: Hanhana, Hattena, Ištahara, Hakpiš, Nerik, Zalpuwa, Tummana, Pala and the Hulana River Land
Carlo Corti
18 South Central: The Lower Land and Tarḫuntašša
Massimo Forlanini
19 Central West: Philology
Stefano de Martino
20 The West: Philology
Max Gander
21 Kizzuwatna and the Euphrates States: Kummaha, Elbistan, Malatya: Philology
J. David Hawkins and Mark Weeden
22 The Historical Geography of Hittite Syria: Philology
Yoram Cohen
23 A Commercial Geography of Anatolia: Integrating Hittite and Assyrian Texts, Archaeology and Topography
Gojko Barjamovic
24 Moving through the Landscape in Hittite Texts
Jürgen Lorenz

Academics, students and general readers interested in the study of the Hittite civilisation especially the field of its Historical Geography and anyone interested in the landscape of Anatolia/Turkey.
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