Religion on the Move!

New Dynamics of Religious Expansion in a Globalizing World


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How do religions spread in today’s world, where Christian missions have lost influence and modern nations have replaced colonial empires? Religion on the Move! is a collection of essays charting new religious expansions. Contemporary evangelists may be Nigerian, Korean, Brazilian or Congolese, working at the grassroots and outside the mainstream in Pentecostal, reformist Islamic, and Hindu spiritual currents. While transportation and media provide newfound mobility, the mission field may be next door, in Europe, North America, and within the "South," where migrants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America settle. These essays, using perspectives from religious studies, ethnography, history and sociology, show that immigrants, women, and other disempowered peoples transmit their faiths from everywhere to everywhere, engaging in globalization from below.

Contributors include: Afe Adogame, Shobana Shankar, Matthew Forrest Lowe, Dyron B. Daughrity, Janel Kragt Bakker, Rebecca Catto, Jonas Adelin Jørgensen, Shuma Iwai, Albert Wuaku, Hakano Abdi Wario, Ramzi Ben Amara, Rebecca Y. Kim, Annalisa Butticci, Heidemarie Winkel, Anderson H M Jeremiah, Olufunke Adeboye, Mark Shaw, Marilia Fiorillo, Musa. O. Adeniyi, Daniëlle Koning, Susanne Kröhnert-Othman, Philip Wingeier-Rayo, Matthew Kustenbauder, Damien Mottier, and Bolaji Bateye.

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Afe Adogame, Ph.D. (1998), Bayreuth University, Germany is Associate Professor of Religious Studies/World Christianity at University of Edinburgh. He has published monographs, edited books on religion in Africa and the diaspora, including Religion Crossing Boundaries (2010), and African Christian Diaspora (2013).
Shobana Shankar, Ph.D. (2003), University of California, Los Angeles, is Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Georgetown University. She has published on religion in Africa, including a monograph, Who Shall Enter Paradise: Christian Missions and the Politics of Difference in Muslim Northern Nigeria.
"I heartily recommend Religion on the Move! This book belongs in all of our institutions’ libraries. It is theoretically informed, empirically rich, and moves the field closer toward a sociology of religion that is less parochial."
Mary Jo Neitz, University of Missouri, Sociology of Religion 75:2

"This book is an essential recommendation for graduate students, researchers, and faculty in sociology/anthropology of religion, political science, intercultural studies religious studies, and history; indeed, many of the ethnographic chapters would be suitable for undergraduate teaching and reading as well."
Asonzeh Ukah, University of Cape Town, Journal of Religion in Africa 45

"In this volume, Afe Adogame and Shobana Shanka have brought together a very impressive array of essays that will serve the interest of scholars and graduate students interested in the changing face of religion in contemporary contexts, and the relationship between religion and public life in the world today."
J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Trinity Theological Seminary, Ghana, Pneuma 37

"A fascinating feature of this book includes developments in non-Christian traditions, for example, Confucianism and Japanese Christianity, Hinduism in Ghana, Islam in Kenya and Nigeria."
John Cheong, Missiology: An International Review 42:2

"This book offers some theories but also presents many interesting case studies."
Wojciech Kluj, OMI, Bibliographia Missionalia

"Historians and scholars of religion generally and of particular religions, along with other social scientists, chart dynamic religious flows now that it is not wealthy European countries radiating missionaries, but countries with more democratic religion, such as South Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Nigeria."
Reference and Research Book News Vol. 28, No. 6
Introduction: Exploring New Frontiers in Global Religious Dynamics
Afe Adogame and Shobana Shankar

Part I Decentering the Center: The “Christian West” and Postcolonial Mission Discourse

Chapter 1: Pax et Securitas: The Problematic Missional Role of Theopolitical Rhetoric in the Contexts of Globalization and Terror
Matthew Forrest Lowe

Chapter 2: Ignoring the East: Correcting a Serious Flaw in World Christianity Scholarship
Dyron B. Daughrity

Chapter 3: Southern Saints and their Northern Siblings: Christians Crossing Boundaries through Sister Church Relationships
Janel Kragt Bakker

Chapter 4: The Church Mission Society and Reverse Mission: From Colonial Sending to Postcolonial Partnership and Reception
Rebecca Catto

Part II: From Everywhere to Everywhere: Missionaries in Comparative and Cross-Regional Perspective

Chapter 5: Syncretism and the Assumed Boundedness of Religious Tradition: a Critical Review of Studies of Christianity’s spread in Theology, History of Religions, and Cultural Anthropology
Jonas Adelin Jørgensen

Chapter 6: Syncretism of Christian samurai at the Kumamoto Band in Japan: Fulfillment of Confucianism in Christianity
Shuma Iwai

Chapter 7: Exploring the South-South Trajectory of Global Religious Flows: The Origins of Ghana’s Hinduism
Albert Wuaku

Chapter 8: Door to Door Da’wa in Africa: Dynamics of Proselytization in Yan Izala and Tablīghī Jamāat
Hakano Abdi Wario & Ramzi Ben Amara

Chapter 9: Korean Missionaries: Preaching the Gospel to “All Nations,” including the United States
Rebecca Y. Kim

Chapter 10: Religion in Motion: A Missionary Narrative of Creativity and Survival from the Pentecostal Nigerian Diaspora in Italy
Annalisa Butticci

Part III: Local Schisms over Globalizing Religious Discourses: Disempowerment, Deviance, and Inequality

Chapter 11: Mobilizing Gender around the Globe: The Ecumenical Movement as a Resource for gender Equity in Arab Christianity
Heidemarie Winkel

Chapter 12: Towards a Global Sisterhood: The Transnational Activities of the Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria
Olufunke Adeboye

Chapter 13: Localizing Christianity for Social Change: The Subversion of Caste in Rural South India
Anderson H M Jeremiah

Chapter 14: Local Revival and Global Expansion: The Case of African Christianity
Mark Shaw

Chapter 15: The Shifting Map of Religious Proclivity in Brazil, and how the Media Prospect is seemingly unable to deal with it
Marilia Fiorillo

Chapter 16:
Dynamics of Islamic Religious Movements in Nigeria: A Case Study of Nasru-Lahil-Fatih Society of Nigeria
Musa. O. Adeniyi

Part IV: Religious Islands or Innovators: Immigrant Practices and Perspectives

Chapter 17: New Dynamics of Christian Expansion: Boundary Crossing in the Mission of Immigrant Churches in the Netherlands
Daniëlle Koning

Chapter 18: Expanding Boundaries of Recognition and Mobility? – Otherworldly Rhetoric and This-worldly Organisation in an African based Charismatic Church in Germany
Susanne Kröhnert-Othman

Chapter 19: Migration and the Growth of Evangelical Christianity: An Ethnographic Study in Cuernavaca, Mexico
Philip Wingeier-Rayo

Chapter 20: The Politicization of Religious Identity in Sudan, with Special Reference to Oral Histories of the Sudanese Diaspora in America
Matthew Kustenbauder

Chapter 21: Reverse Evangelization: Pentecostal Imagination and Mobilization of Identity in the French Migrant Context
Damien Mottier

Chapter 22: Local Relevance and Global Appeal: Nigerian Female Religious Leaders in London: Case Study of Lady Evangelist/Prophetess Lizzy Adedamola a. k. a. Alhaja Jesu, Founder of Gospel Light Evangelical Ministry
Bolaji Bateye

Scholars, students and practitioners interested in religious expansion, mission/reverse-mission in Europe, North America; South-South networks; world Christianities; migration and diaspora.
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