Modernity and Terrorism

From Anti-Modernity to Modern Global Terror


In Modernity and Terrorism: From Anti-Modernity to Modern Global Terror Milan Zafirovski and Daniel G. Rodeheaver analyze the nature, types, and causes of contemporary global terrorism. The book redefines modern terrorism in a novel more comprehensive manner compared to the previous literature. It examines counter-state and state terrorism, with an emphasis on the latter in light of its scale, persistence, and intensity as well as its relative neglect in the literature. The book identifies and predicts the general cause of most modern terrorism in anti-modernity as the adverse reaction to and reversal of liberal-democratic, secular, rationalistic, and globalized, modernity. In essence, it discovers and predicts anti-liberalism in the form of conservatism as the main source and force of modern terrorism.
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Biographical Note

Milan Zafirovski, Ph.D. (1999), Florida International University, is Professor of Sociology at the University of North Texas. He has published books and articles in sociology and economics, including The Destiny of Modern Societies (2009) and Liberal Modernity and its Adversaries (2007).

Daniel G. Rodeheaver, Ph.D. (1990), University of Georgia, is Associate Professor and Department Chair of Sociology at the University of North Texas. He has published books, articles and and monographs in sociology and criminology/criminal justice, including Militias in the New Millennium (2004).

Review Quotes

“The book presents some new and provocative ideas […]
Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above”
G. M. Farr, Choice

Table of contents


1. The Concept of Modern Terrorism
Defining Modern Terrorism
Official Definitions of Terrorism
Scholarly Definitions of Terrorism
Redefining Terrorism

2. Classification of Modern Terrorism
Typologies of Modern Terrorism
State and Counter-State Terrorism
Other Types of Terrorism

3. Anti-Modernity and Modern Terrorism
What Causes and Justifies Terrorism in Western and non-Western Societies?
A Sociological Framework for Analyzing Modern Terrorism
Anti-modernity and Modern Terrorism
Dimensions of Anti-Modernity and Modern Terrorism

4. Anti-Liberalism and Modern Terrorism
Antagonism toward Liberal-Democratic Modernity as the Factor of Modern Terrorism
Conservative Anti-liberalism and Terrorism
Fascism and Terrorism
Religious Fundamentalism and Terrorism
Opposition to Liberal Democracy and Terrorism
Summary: Anti-Liberalism and Modern Terrorism

5. Anti-Secularism and Modern Terrorism
Antagonism toward Secular Modernity as the Factor of Modern Terrorism
Theocratic Revolt and Terrorism
From Theological Orthodoxy to Terrorism through Theocratic Revolt
World Religions and Terrorism Revisited

6. Anti-Rationalism and Modern Terrorism
Antagonism toward Rationalistic Modernity as the Factor of Modern Terrorism
Irrationalism and Terrorism
Religious Anti-Rationalism and Terrorism--Factors of “Holy” Terror

7. Anti-Globalism and Modern Terrorism
Antagonism toward Global-Cosmopolitan Modernity as the Factor of Modern Terrorism
Anti-Cosmopolitanism and Terrorism
Global-Cosmopolitan Society and Its Enemies and Global Terror
Societal Closure and Terrorism

Modernism, Anti-Modernism, and Modern Terrorism
The Present/Future Vicious Circle of Anti-Liberalism and Terrorism and How to Break It



All academics, libraries, and practitioners interested in the character, forms, and factors of contemporary global terrorism, and anyone concerned with modernization, including liberalization, democratization, secularization, rationalization, and globalization, and its opposition.