Printed Pandemonium

Popular Print and Politics in the Netherlands 1650-72


Printed Pandemonium is a fresh take on one of the most violent political upheavals in early modern history: the popular riots, the political murders and the brutal purifications of local governments in the Dutch Republic during the so-called ‘Year of Disaster’ 1672. Printed Pandemonium gives an insight into the relationship between political event and political communication in the early modern world. The popular revolts of 1672 were the work of ‘normal’ citizens who rioted and killed, but also politically participated by reading, writing and debating hundreds of different pamphlets and petitions that were put on the market during that momentous year. In total somewhere between one and two million pamphlets flooded the Dutch Republic in 1672. This study is the first analysis of all these pamphlets.
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Biographical Note

Michel Reinders Ph.D. (2008) in History, Erasmus University Rotterdam has published on the history of the Dutch Republic, political capability and public opinion, including Gedrukte Chaos (Balans, 2010) and Pamphlets and Politics in the Dutch Republic (Brill, 2011).

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Chapter One Print and politics in early modern history

Chapter Two “The remedy is worse than the problem”

Chapter Three Declaring war

Chapter Four The first revolt

Chapter Five A new stadholder

Chapter Six The assassination

Chapter Seven A sovereign count of Orange

Chapter Eight A petition dressed like a dialogue

Chapter Nine The Dutch Republic after the purges




All those interested in early modern European history, Dutch history, book history, the history of the Dutch Republic, the history of political communication, the history of propaganda, the history of political murders, the history of popular politics and the history of political thought.


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