Forging New Conventional Wisdom Beyond International Policing

Learning from Complex Political Realities

Forging New Conventional Wisdom Beyond International Policing: Learning from Complex Political Realities provides an innovative perspective in the field by conceptualizing international policing as part of a much broader system of peace and capacity development initiatives. After establishing the global context and historical evolution of police in peace operations, authors Bryn Hughes, Charles T. Hunt, and Jodie Curth-Bibb proceed to recast key ontological and epistemological aspects. Examinations of the Rule of Law and Monitoring and Evaluation in peace and capacity building establish a solid foundation upon which the authors offer a convincing argument for a new, post-Weberian approach.

In Forging New Conventional Wisdom Beyond International Policing: Learning from Complex, Political Realities, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers will find a critical addition to the current discourse on international policing.

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Bryn Hughes was the project manager on the AFP-funded research project which informs this book. The project developed a framework for assessing the performance of international policing by placing policing in the context of the wider system of peace and capacity development operations. He has previously lectured courses on peacekeeping and peace and conflict studies, and currently consults to Monitoring & Evaluation organisations. His current research interests and publications include complex social systems thinking in peace and capacity development operations peacekeeping, civilian policing, and critical security studies.

Charles T. Hunt is a Lecturer in International Security in the School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland. He was a Senior Researcher on the Australian Federal Police funded project that led to this book. He has published on the rule of law, security sector reform, civilian protection as well as monitoring and evaluation in peace operations and conflict-affected societies.

Jodie Curth-Bibb is a higher-degree researcher working on performance management in Police Capacity Building Operations. She was a Senior Researcher on the AFP-funded project that culminated in this book.Her other research projects and publication areas include community policing in the Solomon Islands and local and informal approaches to social order in post-conflict interventions, and she is currently working on Indigenous policy issues.
"Forging New Conventional Wisdom makes a valuable contribution to research on international policing.

The book emphasises the need to understand peace missions from the vantage points of those affected by them and how it is important to include them in operational design and planning.

The book is an important read for practitioners and scholars alike, offering case studies based on an impressive amount of fieldwork." - Professor Alex Bellamy, Griffith University

Part One: Setting the Context

Chapter 1 The Global Context: The Historical Evolution of Police in Peace Operations
Chapter 2 Monitoring and Evaluation and Performance Reporting

Part Two: Recasting Key Ontological and Epistemological Aspects

Chapter 3 Reshaping the Substance of International Contributions - Beyond Rethinking the ‘State of the State’
Chapter 4 The Rule of Law in Peace and Capacity Building Operations: Appreciating more than the State
Chapter 5 The Case for Peace Operations to Engage the ‘Political’

Part Three: Pushing Back on Conventional Monitoring and Evaluation

Chapter 6 An Unconventional Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation
Chapter 7 Applying Systems Thinking to M&E: Learning in spite of 'Uncertainty'
Chapter 8 Becoming Emotional about Assessment

Part Four: Evidence from the Field for an Unconventional Wisdom

Chapter 9 The Marshall Islands Microcosm: Showing the Need for a 'Political' Lens
Chapter 10: Hybridity and Police Capacity Development in the Solomon Islands
Chapter 11 The UN in Liberia: Articulating the Unarticulated Consensus for Change 249

Where to from here? Getting beyond Today's Conventional Wisdom

Appendix 1: Change Theory Compendium
Appendix 2: Collaborative M&E Framework

Collaborative Policing, Monitoring & Evaluation: Program Management Framework

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