Center and Periphery

Studies on Power in the Medieval World in Honor of William Chester Jordan


William Chester Jordan’s scholarship has demonstrated the complexity of negotiating power at both the center and margins of medieval society, taking us into the inner chambers of medieval power structures where kings, churchmen and courtiers dwell to the margins of society inhabited by disenfranchised peoples such as Jews, women and the poor. Center and Periphery: Studies on Power in the Medieval World in Honor of William Chester Jordan, edited by Katherine L. Jansen, G. Geltner and Anne E. Lester, honors Professor Jordan by taking up these themes and expanding them from France into Spain, Italy, the Lowlands, and the Mediterranean. The volume highlights how Jordan’s work inspired and influenced a generation of medievalists working in North America and Europe today.
Contributors are John W. Baldwin, Adam J. Davis, Jonathan Elukin, Hussein Fancy, Michelle Garceau, G. Geltner, Erica Gilles, Holly J. Grieco, Maya Soifer Irish, Katherine L. Jansen, Emily Kadens, Richard Landes, Jacques Le Goff, Anne E. Lester, Christopher MacEvitt, David Nirenberg, Mark Gregory Pegg , Jarbel Rodriguez, E.M. Rose and Teofilo Ruiz.

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Katherine L. Jansen is Professor of History at the Catholic University of America. The author of The Making of the Magdalen: Preaching and Popular Devotion in the Later Middle Ages (2000), and has recently published Medieval Italy: Texts in Translation (2009), co-edited with Joanna Drell and Frances Andrews, and Charisma and Religious Authority: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Preaching, 1200-1500 (2010), co-edited with Miri Rubin. She is at work on a new monograph entitled, The Practice of Peace in Late Medieval Italy.
G. Geltner is Professor of Medieval History and Director of the Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He is author of The Medieval Prison: A Social History (2008) and The Making of Medieval Antifraternalism: Polemic, Violence, Deviance, and Remembrance (2012), among other publications.
Anne E. Lester is Associate Professor of History at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the author of Creating Cistercian Nuns: The Women’s Religious Movement and Its Reform in Thirteenth-Century Champagne (2011); and co-editor, with Caroline Goodson and Carol Symes, of Cities, Texts, and Social Networks: Experiences and Perceptions of Medieval Urban Space, 400-1500 (2010). She is currently writing a book on the crusades and material culture entitled, Fragments of Devotion: Relics and Remembrance in the Time of the Fourth Crusade.
Acknowledgements … xi
List of Illustrations … xiii
Abbreviations … xv
Foreword by Jacques Le Goff … xvii
Map … xxi
List of Contributors … xxi
Introduction … 1
Katherine L. Jansen, G. Geltner, and Anne E. Lester
Historiographical Introduction … 13
John W. Baldwin

Part One: Royal Power And Minorities
1. Christian Love, Jewish “Privacy,” and Medieval Kingship … 25
David Nirenberg
2. The Castilian Monarchy and the Jews (Eleventh to Thirteenth Centuries) … 39
Maya Soifer Irish
3. Royal Power and Ritual Murder: Notes on the Expulsion of the Jews from the Royal Domain of France, … 1182 … 51
E.M. Rose
4. The Intimacy of Exception: The Diagnosis of Samuel Abenmenassé … 65
Hussein Fancy

Part Two: The Politics Of Peacemaking
5. Can the Church be Desperate, Warriors be Pacifist, and Commoners Ridiculously Optimistic? On the Historian’s Imagination and the Peace of God … 79
Richard Landes
6. Peacemaking, Performance, and Power in Thirteenth-Century San Gimignano … 93
Katherine L. Jansen
7. Captivity and Diplomacy in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon … 107
Jarbel Rodriguez

Part Three: Religious Institutions And Society
8. The Economic Power of a Hospital in Thirteenth-Century Provins … 121
Adam J. Davis
9. “In Some Way Even More than Before”: Approaches to Understanding St. Louis of Anjou, Franciscan Bishop of Toulouse … 135
Holly J. Grieco
10. “In Order to Keep the Memory”: Miracle Cults as Sources of Authority in the Crown of Aragon … 157
Michelle Garceau
11. Patrolling Normative Borders after the Black Death: The Bishop of Lucca’s Criminal Court … 169
G. Geltner

Part Four: Crusading, Memory, And Identity
12. Warrior or Saint? Joinville, Louis IX’s Character, and the Challenge of the Crusade … 183
Jonathan Elukin
13. Confessor King, Martyr Saint: Praying to Saint Maurice at Senlis … 195
Anne E. Lester
14. Men of France? Boundary Crossing in Constantinople in the 1240s … 211
Erica Gilles
15. Victory by Desire: Crusade and Martyrdom in the Fourteenth Century … 223
Christopher MacEvitt

Part Five: Rethinking Issues Of Medieval Law And History
16. Custom’s Two Bodies … 239
Emily Kadens
17. A Cautionary Note … 249
Mark Gregory Pegg

Afterword – William Chester Jordan: A Life of Learning … Teofilo F. Ruiz
William Chester Jordan: A Bibliography
All interested in the political, religious, legal, and social history of late medieval Europe and the Mediterranean and those who are interested in Jewish-Christian and Muslim-Christian relations.
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