War, Entrepreneurs, and the State in Europe and the Mediterranean, 1300-1800


Volume Editor:
In War, Entrepreneurs, and the State, Jeff Fynn-Paul (Leiden) assembles an internationally acclaimed selection of authors to push forward the debate on the role of entrepreneurs in making war and building states in Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Topics covered include logistics, supply, recruitment, and the finance of war. Chapters have been carefully commissioned with an eye towards complementarity.
In an introduction co-written with Marjolein ‘t Hart and Griet Vermeesch, Fynn-Paul challenges existing discourses of military entrepreneurialism. A new benchmark is proposed: did states choose to work with entrepreneurs, or to restrict their activities and subvert the market? From the introduction and the individual chapters, a new more expansive vision of the military entrepreneur emerges.
Contributors are: Carlos Álvarez-Nogal, Pepijn Brandon, William Caferro, Stephen Conway, Thomas Goossens, Aaron Graham, Rhoads Murphey, David Parrott, Helen Paul, Guy Rowlands, Kahraman Şakul, Marjolein 't Hart, Andrea Thiele, and Rafael Torres Sánchez.

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Jeff Fynn-Paul, Ph.D. (2005) University of Toronto, is Lecturer in History and International Studies at Leiden University, The Netherlands. He has published widely on urban history, social stratification, and institutions with a focus on late medieval Iberia.
"This collection of essays is a valuable contribution towards helping us better understand a hitherto neglected area in the study of the relationship between the state and its military in the early modern world. It is a subject that holds much promise and this volume demonstrates how that promise is being fulfilled." - Henry Quinn
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Entrepreneurs, Military Supply, and State Formation in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods: New Directions
Jeff Fynn-Paul, Marjolein ’t Hart and Griet Vermeesch

Part 1: The Medieval Origins of Military Entrepreneurialism...13
1 Military Enterprise in Florence at the Time of the Black Death, 1349–1350...15
William Caferro
2 Military Entrepreneurs in the Crown of Aragon during the Castilian–Aragonese War, 1356–1375...32
Jeff Fynn-Paul

Part 2: Early Modern Evolution: Varieties of Entrepreneurial Freedom...61
3 The Military Enterpriser in the Thirty Years’ War...63
David Parrott
4 Public Service and Private Profijit: British Fiscal-Military Entrepreneurship Overseas, 1707–1712...87
Aaron Graham
5 Entrepreneurs and the Recruitment of the British Army in the War of American Independence, 1775–1783...111
Stephen Conway
6 Suppliers to the Royal African Company and the Royal Navy in the Early Eighteenth Century...131
Helen Julia Paul
7 Accounting for Power: Bookkeeping and the Rationalization of Dutch Naval Administration...151
Pepijn Brandon
8 The Prince as Military Entrepreneur? Why Smaller Saxon Territories Sent ‘Hollandische Regimenter’ (Dutch Regiments) to the Dutch Republic...170
Andrea Thiele
9 The Grip of the State? Government Control over Provision of the Army in the Austrian Netherlands, 1725–1744...193
Thomas Goossens

Part 3: Early Modern Evolution: Controlling and Circumventing the Entrepreneur...213
10 Agency Government in Louis XIV’s France: The Military Treasurers of the Elite Forces...215
Guy Rowlands
11 Centralized Funding of the Army in Spain: The Garrison Factoria in the Seventeenth Century...235
Carlos Alvarez-Nogal
12 In the Shadow of Power: Monopolist Entrepreneurs, the State and Spanish Military Victualling in the Eighteenth Century...260
Rafael Torres Sanchez

Part 4: Ottoman Perspectives...285
13 Rewarding Success in Military Enterprise: Forms Used for the Incentivizing of Commanders and their Troops in the Ottoman Military System of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries...287
Rhoads Murphey
14 The Evolution of Ottoman Military Logistical Systems in the Later Eighteenth Century: The Rise of A New Class of Military Entrepreneur...307
Kahraman Şakul

All interested in military and logistical history, state formation, and the figure of the merchant-entrepreneur in late medieval and early modern Europe/Ottoman Empire.
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