The Biblical Qumran Scrolls. Volume 1: Genesis–Kings

Transcriptions and Textual Variants

Editor: Eugene Ulrich
The Biblical Qumran Scrolls paperback edition presents in three volumes all the Hebrew biblical manuscripts recovered from the eleven caves at Qumran. It provides a transcription of each identifiable fragment in consecutive biblical order together with the textual variants it contains. These manuscripts antedate by a millennium the previously available Hebrew manuscripts. They are the oldest, the best, and the most authentic witnesses to the texts of the Scriptures as they circulated in Jerusalem and surrounding regions at the time of the birth of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism. The purpose is to collect in three paperback volumes all the biblical editions originally published in a wide variety of books and articles.

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Eugene Ulrich, Ph.D. (Harvard 1975) is O’Brien Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at the University of Notre Dame and Chief Editor of the Biblical Scrolls. He has published six volumes of scrolls in the official series Discoveries in the Judaean Desert.
Biblical scholars and graduate students, theologians, Bible translators, those interested in the history and development of the Bible, the Second Temple period and the origins of Christianity; seminary and research libraries.