Josephus and Faith

Πίστις and Πιστεύειν as Faith Terminology in the Writings of Flavius Josephus and the New Testament

Author: Lindsay
Explores the use of the words pistis and pisteuein as faith terminology by Josephus. This is the first major study of the pist- word group in the writings of Josephus.
The first part of the book examines the development of a religious understanding of the Greek word group. Special emphasis is given to the religious use of the pist- words in Classical and Hellenistic Greek, in the Septuagint, in Sirach and in Philo.
The second and main part of the book deals specifically with the use of the word group - both secular and religious - by Josephus. His use of this faith terminology is compared with that of the New Testament. This section includes a critical look at the thesis that 'faith' in the New Testament is primarily a Hellenistic concept.

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Dennis R. Lindsay, Dr. of Theology (1991) in New Testament, University of Tübingen, is Principal and Lecturer of Biblical Studies at Springdale College in Birmingham, England. His research of biblical philology includes a article on "Truth in John's Gospel" ( Restoration Quarterly, 1993).
' ...this is a scholarly, meticulous and comprehensive study which is also very readable and well presented by the publishers.'
R. Mason, SOTS, 1994.
' His book is the first book-length study of faith language in Josephus, and it makes a substantial contribution.'
David M. Hay, The Studia Philonica Annual, 1994.
' This is a judicious and thorough treatment of a disputed problem in New Testament philology.'
H. Alan Brehm, Southwestern Journal of Theology.
All those interested in Hellenistic Judaism, in New Testament and Old Testament backgrounds, theologians & classical philologists.