Pentecostalism, Globalisation, and Islam in Northern Cameroon

Megachurches in the Making?


Pentecostalism is among the fastest growing social movements in the 21th century. This volume discusses global aspects of Pentecostal churches in northern Cameroon, by describing how the local congregations interact with civil society, traditional religion, and Islam.
Extensive fieldwork and descriptions of the complex historical context within which the churches emerge, makes the author draw attention to Pentecostal leaders as social entrepreneurs inspired both by local traditions and by a global flow of images and ideas. This indicates that Pentecostalism can be interpreted both as a social and as a religious movement which manages to encounter mainline churches and Islam with flexibility and spiritual authority.

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Tomas Sundnes Drønen, Ph.D. (2007), School of Mission and Theology (Stavanger, Norway), is Associate Professor of Global Studies and Religion at that institution. He has authored many publications on intercultural communication and religious change in Africa, including Communication and Conversion in Northern Cameroon (Brill, 2009).
"This book was a delight to read for its lucidity and clarity of expression and ideas. It is an original work based on long term fieldwork which, to the best of this reviewer’s judgment, was meticulously carried out. The author demonstrates more than adequate familiarity and comprehension of contemporary sociological and anthropological theories of religion relevant to Africa." - Asonzeh Ukah, University of Bayreuth, Germany
"This initial study has set the bar high for more research even while providing a book that is accessible to students and readers of all levels." - Brett Hendrickson, Lafayette College, in: Religious Studies Review 39:4
"Thomas Sundnes Dronen's book is valuable not only for those researchers who approach Northern Cameroon from different points of view, but also it is a good research material derived from the area, for all those who are researching the phenomenon of Pentecostalism in Africa." - Jaroslaw Rózánski, OMI, in: Bibliographia Missionaria (2014)
All interested in religious change in Africa, in particular related to global processes, pentecostal growth, and Christian-Muslim relations in Cameroon.
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