A Companion to Byzantine Italy


Volume Editor: Salvatore Cosentino
This book offers a collection of essays on Byzantine Italy, the area from which we have inherited the richest and best-preserved historical evidence among all of the regions of the former Eastern Roman Empire up to the 11th century. The collection aims to provide readers with a critical overview of current research as well as new insights concerning political, institutional, economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of the Italian regions under Byzantine rule. The methodological approach of the volume combines history with archaeology and art history, while remaining focused on the general framework of the early medieval Mediterranean. The result is a fresh and up-to-date synthesis that can be useful both for specialists and students.

Contributors are: Lucia Arcifa, Paul Arthur, Isabella Baldini, Massimo Bernabò, Brunella Bruno, Salvatore Cosentino, Nathaniel Cutajar, Francesco D’Aiuto, Paola Degni, Deborah Deliyannis, Vera von Falkenhausen, Sauro Gelichi, Federico Marazzi, Jean-Marie Martin, Alessandra Molinari, Enrico Morini, Annliese Nef, Ghislaine Noye, Annick Peters-Custot, Vivien Prigent, Mario Re, Denis Sami, Pier Giorgio Spanu, and Enrico Zanini.

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Salvatore Cosentino, Ph.D. (1990), is Professor of Byzantine Civilization at the University of Bologna. He has published many studies on Late Antique and Byzantine Italy, including Storia dell’Italia bizantina (VI-XI). Da Giustiniano ai Normanni (Bononia University Press, 2008) and, as editor, Ravenna and the Traditions of Late Antique and Early Byzantine Craftsmanship (De Gruyter, 2020).
"Questa guida alla storia dell'Italia Bizantina costituirà a lungo un prezioso strumento di lavoro e un punto di riferimento obbligato per tutti gli studiosi interessati alle vicende politiche, sociali, economiche, culturali e religiose dell'Italia nel lungo periodo compreso tra l'età di Giustiniano e quella segnata dall'avvento dellla dinastia Altavilla". Sergio Tognetti, in Archivio Storico Italiano, 2021/3, n. 669.
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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Mapping the Memory of Byzantine Italy
Salvatore Cosentino and Enrico Zanini

Part 1: Society and Institutions

1 Politics and Society
Salvatore Cosentino

2 Ecclesiastic Life and Its Institutions
Salvatore Cosentino

3 Monastic Life and Its Institutions
Enrico Morini

4 Byzantine Administration and the Army
Vivien Prigent

5 Byzantines and Lombards The Old and the Young: Byzantium in Italy, or How It Was Condemned to Be the Representative of an Antiquated Roman Identity
Federico Marazzi

6 Byzantium and Islam in Southern Italy (7th–11th Century)
Annliese Nef

7 Greek Communities in Post-Byzantine Italy
Annick Peters-Custot

Part 2: Communications, Economy and Landscape

8 The Network of Interregional Roads and Harbours
Denis Sami

9 Rural Economy: Organization, Exploitation and Resources
Jean-Marie Martin

10 Non-Agricultural Items: Local Production, Importation and Redistribution
Enrico Zanini

11 Mints, Coin Production and Circulation
Vivien Prigent

part 3: Settlements and Landscape: Regional Morphologies

12 Venice, the Exarchate and the Pentapolis
Sauro Gelichi

13 Rome and the Roman Duchy
Alessandra Molinari

14 Byzantine Naples and Gaeta
Federico Marazzi

15 Byzantine Calabria
Ghislaine Noyé

16 Byzantine Apulia
Paul Arthur

17 Byzantine Sicily
Lucia Arcifa

18 Byzantine Sardinia
Pier Giorgio Spanu

19 Byzantine Malta
Brunella Bruno and Nathaniel Cutajar

Culture and Education

20 Greek and Latin in Byzantine Italy (6th–11th Century)
Vera von Falkenhausen

21 Bishops, Cities, and Historical Memory in Byzantine Italy
Deborah M. Deliyannis

22 Telling the Sanctity in Byzantine Italy
Mario Re

23 Devotion and Prayer in Byzantine Italy
Francesco D’Aiuto

24 Medieval Art in Italy and Byzantium (ca. 550–1050): A Viaticum
Massimo Bernabò

25 Conceiving Social Space in Byzantine Italy: Monumental Architecture and Building Typologies
Isabella Baldini

26 Literary and Book Production in Byzantine Italy
Paola Degni

27 Legal Texts and Juridical Practice in Byzantine Italy
Cristina Rognoni

All specialists and graduate students interested in the history and archaeology of Byzantium, early medieval Italy and the medieval Mediterranean.