Relation als Vergleich

Die Relationstheorie des Johannes Buridan im Kontext seines Denkens und der Scholastik


All central concepts in philosophy contain a relational aspect. The type of reality to be accorded to relations is for this reason one of the core questions of philosophical thought. This is particularly so in the case of nominalism.
This book is devoted to John Buridan. While his towering importance in the late Middle Ages and for the development of early modern science has been recognised, his works are still not really well known. How does his theory of relations relate to those of his contemporaries, for example William of Ockham or Gregory of Rimini? The question of the reality of relations is not only of interest as an experimentum crucis of nominalism, but also because Buridan in his ethics frequently falls back upon older traditions.
The first part of the book contains a discussion of theories of relation from Thomas Aquinas to Gregory of Rimini. The author then offers an exhaustive presentation of the basic lines of Buridan's philosophy and its relation to theology, before turning attention to his theory of relation. Finally he addresses particular forms of relation (identity, analogy, causality, etc.).

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Rolf Schönberger, Ph.D. (1983), Habilitation (1990), is currently Professor in Philosophy at the Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten. He has published works on medieval concepts of being, Thomas Aquinas' theory of action and the concept of scholasticism.
' L'ouvrage de R. Schönberger a le grand mérite de présenter la doctrine de la relation chez Buridan en tenant compte de l'histoire et de l'évolution de cette doctrine chez les scolastiques. Souhaitons que cet ouvrage de philosophie donne lieu à d'autres recherches dans le domaine de la théologie...' fr. Gilles Emery, Mediaevalia, 1995.
Vorwort Teil I Zu Person und Thema der Untersuchung 1. Kapitel: Zur Bedeutung des Johannes Buridan 2. Kapitel: "Relation" als Philosophisches Problem Teil II Die Diskussion um den Status der Relation in der Scholastik 3. Kapitel: Thomas von Aquin 4. Kapitel: Aegidius Romanus 5. Kapitel: Siger von Brabant 6. Kapitel: Heinrich von Gent 7. Kapitel: Dietriech von Freinurg 8. Kapitel: Meister Eckhart 9. Kapitel: Durandus de S. Porciano 10. Kapitel:Jakob von Viterbo 11. Kapitel: Petrus Johannes Olivi 12. Kapitel: Johannes Duns Scotus 13. Kapitel: Johannes von Jandun 14. Kapitel: Walter Burley 15. Kapitel: William Ockham 16. Kapitel: Nominalisten Nach Ockham 17. Kapitel: Gregor von Rimini Teil III Buridans Relationstheorie im Kontext Seines Denkens 18. Kapitel: Grundzuge der philosophie Buridans 19. Kapitel: Rationalitat und Christlicke Glaube 20. Kapitel: Das Konzept der Metaphysik bei Buridan 21. Kapitel: Buridans Verstandnis des Begriffes Seiend 22. Kapitel: Relation als Kategorienproblem 23. Kapitel: Buridans Theorie der Relation 24. Kapitel: Einige Relationen inm Einzelnen Quellenverzeichnis Verzeichnis der benutzen Literatur Indices
All those interested in the late Middle Ages, the history of logic, metaphysics, the pre-history of modern thought and the relation between philosophy and theology.