Israel Oriental Studies, Volume 13


Editor: Joel Kraemer

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Binyamin Abrahamov, 'The Appointed Time of Death ( ağal) According to ‘Abd al-Ǧabbār. Annotated Translation of al-Muġnī'. Meir M. Bar-Asher, 'Variant Readings and Additions of the Imāmī-Šī‘a to the Quran'. Suliman Bashear, 'Muslim Apocalypses and the Hour: A Case-Study in Traditional Reinterpretation'. Moshe Gammer, 'The Imām and the Lord: An Unpublished Letter From Shamil to the British Ambassador in Constantinople'. M.J. Kister, 'Ādam: a Study of Some Legends in Tafsīr and ḥadīt Literature'. Y. Tzvi Langermann, 'Maimonides on the Synochous Fever'. Yishai Peled, 'Di-Transitivized and Pseudo-Dative Constructions in Literary Arabic'. Uri Rubin, ' Iqra’ bi-smi rabbika...! Joseph Sadan, 'A Legal Opinion of a Muslim Jurist Regarding the Sanctity of Jerusalem'. David J. Wasserstein, 'Toledan Rule in Cordoba'.