Perspectives on Phrase Structure: Heads and Licensing


Editor: Susan Rothstein
This book explores licensing theory and its implications for a theory of syntax. It brings together a series of new papers which focus on developing a constrained set of licensing mechanisms relating elements in a syntactic representation, and on the different properties of lexical and functional heads as licenses of complements and specifiers. Directed toward an audience of syntacticians and those interested in the applications of syntactic theory, it demonstrates the expanding explanatory parts of this approach to syntax.

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S.D. Rothstein, “Introduction” Heads: J. Kornfilt, “A Case for Emerging Functional Categories” E. Ritter, “Two Functional Categories in Noun Phrases: Evidence from Modern Hebrew” H. Contreras, “On the Position of Subjects” A. Lobeck, “Phrase Structure of Ellipsis in English” T. Stowell, “The Alignment of Arguments in Adjective Phrases” Licensing: S.D. Rothstein, “Syntactic Licensing and Subcategorization” T.R. Rapoport, “Adjunct-Predicate Licensing and D-Structure” T. Ernst, “A Phrase Structure Theory for Tertiaries” D. Lebeaux, “Relative Clauses, Licensing, and the Nature of the Derivation” M. Speas, “Generalized Transformations and the D-Structure Position of Adjuncts” Index