The Syntax of Native American Languages


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P. Cole, “Clause Reduction in Ancash Quechua”
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P.W. Davis and R. Saunders, “An Expression of Coreference in Bella Coola”
D.B. Gerdts, “A Relational Analysis of Halkomelem Causals”
D. James, “Raising to Subject in Moose Cree: A Problem for Subjacency”
R.D. Levine, “Empty Categories, Rules of Grammar, and Kwakwala Complementation”
S.A. Martlett, “Switch-Reference and Subject Raising in Seri”
P. Munro, “Floating Quantifiers in Pima”
L.R. Smith, “On the Nonergativity and Intransitivity of Relative Clauses in Labrador Inuttut”