Tense and Aspect


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Table of contents
D. Armstrong, “The Ancient Greek Aorist as the Aspect of Countable Action” M. Bennett, “Of Tense and Aspect: One Analysis” L. Carlson, “Aspect and Quantification” B. Comrie, “Aspect and Voice: Some Reflections on Perfect and Passive” O. Dahl, “On the Definition of the Telic-Atelic (Bounded-Nonbounded) Distinction” J. Heath, “Aspectual ‘Skewing’ in Two Australian Languages: Mara, Nunggubuyu” J. Hoepelman and C. Rohrer, “Remarks on ‘Noch’ and ‘Schon’ in German” D.A. Holisky, “Aspect Theory and Goergian Aspect” M.R. Johnson, “A Unified Temporal Theory of Tense and Aspect” H. Kucera, “Aspect, Markedness, and to” A.P.D. Mourelatos, “Events, Processes, and States” C.S. Smith, “Semantic and Syntactic Constraints on Temporal Interpretation” P.J. Tedeschi, “Some Evidence for a Branching-Futures Semantic Model” F. Vlach, “The Semantics of the Progressive” Subject Index Contents of Previous Volumes
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