Service-Learning and Writing: Paving the Way for Literacy(ies) through Community Engagement


Editor: Isabel Baca
Service-learning and Writing: Paving the Way for Literacy(ies) through Community Engagement discusses service-learning as a teaching and learning method and its integration with writing. The various authors, from different disciplines and institutions, present service-learning as a means of having students practice writing in real world settings, and they show how relationship-building and partnerships between higher education and diverse communities produce benefits for all involved - the students, faculty, administrators, and the communities themselves. This volume demonstrates how writing instruction and/or writing practice can complement community engagement and outreach at local, national, and international contexts. Through different cross-cultural contexts and academic disciplines, the various authors explore reflection, assessment, internalization, diversity, and multiple literacies and their importance when integrating service-learning in higher education and community literacy.

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List of Contributors
Introduction – Service-Learning: Engaging Writers with Their Communities
Isabel Baca

1. Bridging Classroom and Community: An Approach to Doing Service-Learning in the Writing Classroom
Adam Webb

2. Community and Client Partnerships for Students Writing About Science: Exploiting a Situated Rhetorical Context
Kate Kiefer

3. Team Writing for the Community: Literacies Developed in a Service-Learning Context
Kara Poe Alexander and Beth Powell

4. Why Are You Making Me Do This? An Examination of Student Attitudes Toward Writing with the Community Service-Learning Projects
Susan Garza

5. Writing While Participating: Incorporating Ethnography in Service-Learning Across the Curriculum
Guillermina Gina Nu´n˜ez

6. Service-Learning with Transnational Students in Cross-Cultural Contexts: A Case Study on the U.S.–Me´xico Border
Judith Munter, Erika Mein and Claudia Urista

7. Finding a Shared Path: Journal Writing, Reciprocity, and International Service-Learning
Rebecca Westrup and Phil Bamber

8. Composing Cognition: The Role of Written Reflections in Service-Learning
James M. Dubinsky, Marshall Welch and Adrian J. Wurr

9. Assessing Adaptive Transfer in Community-Based Writing
Michael-John DePalma

10. The ‘‘New Discourse City’’ of Older Writers: Aging and Disability as Assets to Collaborative Learning
Suzanne Kesler Rumsey, Ruth E. Ray, Lauren Marshall Bowen and Donora Hillard

Afterword: Community Writing Pedagogies in the Spirit of the New Mestiza
Thomas Deans

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