Voices, Identities, Negotiations, and Conflicts: Writing Academic English Across Cultures


This volume aims to provide insights into the process of knowledge construction in EFL/ESL writing - from classrooms to research sites, from the dilemmas and risks NNEST student writers experience in the pursuit of true agency to the confusions and conflicts academics experience in their own writing practices. Knowledge construction as discussed in this volume is discussed from individualist, collectivist, cross-cultural, methodological, pedagogical, educational, sociocultural and political perspectives. The volume features a diverse array of methodologies and perspectives to sift, problematise, interrogate and challenge current practice and prevailing writing and publishing subcultures. In this spirit, this volume wishes to break new ground and open up fresh avenues for exploration, reflection, knowledge construction, and evolving voices.

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I. Pedagogical and Psychological Journeys
Chapter 1. Crafting New Possibilities for Self: Ethics of Teaching Creative Writing in EFL, Rosemary Viete, Monash University, Australia
Chapter 2. The Writing and Culture Nexus: Writers' Comparisons of Vietnamese and English Academic Writing, Phan Le Ha, Monash University, Australia
Chapter 3., Chinese Postgraduate Students Learning to Write in English: Towards an Understanding of L2 Academic Writing, Meihui Wang, Monash University, Australia
Chapter 4. Turning the Spotlight to International Students' Internal Negotiations: Critical Thinking in Academic Writing, Ly Tran, RMIT University, Australia
Chapter 5. Staff Perceptions about the Role of Writing in Developing Critical Thinking in Business Students, Duong Bich Hang, Foreign Trade University, Vietnam
Chapter 6. “I pain, I gain": Self-assessment in a Chinese University Academic Writing Course, Paul McPherron, Southern Illinois University, USA

II. Moral and Political Explorations
Chapter 7. Cross-cultural Moral Explorations in Plagiarism, Bradley Baurain, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Chapter 8. Beyond the Accusation of Plagiarism, Qing Gu and A. Jane Brooks, University of Nottingham, UK
Chapter 9. Plagiarism, Intertextuality, and the Politics of Knowledge, Identity and Textual Ownership in Undergraduate ESL/EFL Students' Academic Writing, Celia Thompson, University of Melbourne, Australia
Chapter 10. Developed World Influences on ESL/EFL Writing Situations: Differentiating Realities from Fantasies, Jayakaran Mukundan, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Chapter 11. Walking the Tightrope: An Inquiry into English for Academic Purposes, Matthew Piscioneri, Monash University, Australia

Afterword. Crossing Cultures in an Unequal Global Order: Voicing and Agency in Academic Writing in English, T. Ruanni F. Tupas, National University of Singapore, Singapore