Computer Key-Stroke Logging and Writing


Computer keystroke logging is an exciting development in writing research methodology that allows a document's evolution to be logged and then replayed as if the document were being written for the first time. Computer keystroke logged data allows analysis of the revisions and pauses made by authors during the writing of texts. Computer Keystroke Logging and Writing: Methods and Applications is the first book to successfully collect a group of leading computer keystroke logging researchers into a single volume and provide an invaluable introduction and overview of this dynamic area of research. This volume provides the reader unfamiliar with writing research an introduction to the field and it provides the reader unfamiliar with the technique a sound background in keystroke logging technology and an understanding of its potential in writing research.

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1. Keystroke Logging-An Introduction, Kristyan Spelman Miller and Kirk Sullivan
2. What Keystroke Logging can Reveal about Writing, Sven Stromqvist et al.
3. Examining Pauses in Writing, Asa Wengelin
4. Pausing, Productivity and the Processing of Topic in On-Line Writing, Kristyan Spelman Miller
5. Analysing On-Line Revision, Eva Lindgren and Kirk P. Sullivan
6. Segmentation of the Writing Process in Translation: Experts vs. Novices, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova
7. Exploring Theory and Supporting Learning using Keystroke Logging, Kirk Sullivan and Eva Lindgren
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