Writing and Digital Media


Digital media has become an increasingly powerful force in modern society. This volume brings together outstanding European, American and Australian research in "writing and digital media" and explores its cognitive, social and cultural implications. The book is divided into five sections, covering major areas of research: writing modes and writing environments (e.g. speech technology), writing and communication (e.g. hypervideos), digital tools for writing research (e.g. web analysis tools, keystroke logging and eye-tracking), writing in online educational environments (e.g. collaborative writing in L2), and social and philosophical aspects of writing and digital media (e.g. CMC, electronic literacy and the global digital divide).In addition to presenting programs of original research by internationally known scholars from a variety of disciplines, each chapter provides a comprehensive review of the current state-of-the-art in the field and suggests directions for future research.

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Introduction, C. Neuwirth, L. Van Waes, M. Leijten

Writing Modes and Writing Environments
Assistive Technology for Writing: Tools for Struggling Writers, C. MacArthur
Young Writers and Digital Scribes, T. Quinlan
Repair Strategies in Writing with Speech Recognition: The Effect of Experience with Classical Dictating, M. Leijten, L. Van Waes

Writing and Communication
Learning to Write in the Information Age: A Case Study of Schoolchildren's Writing in Sweden, Y.H. af Segerstad, S. Sofkova Hashemi
Ludicity and Negotiated Meaning in Internet Chat, R. Niesten, R. Sussex
Knowledge Acquisition by Designing Hypervideos: Different Roles of Writing During Courses of 'New' Media Production, E. Stahl et al.

Digital Tools for Writing Research
Web Analysis Tools Based on Infoscent: How Cognitive Modelling Explain Reader Navigational Decisions, E.H. Chi
Automated Web Site Evaluation Tools: Implications for Writers, M.Y. Ivory-Ndiaye
Mining Textual Knowledge for Writing Education and Research: The DocuScope Project, D. Kaufer et al.
Visualizing Patterns of Annotation in Document-Centered Collaboration on the Web, H. Rodriguez, K. Severinson Eklundh
Online Study of Word Spelling Production in Children's Writing, J. Noel Foulin, L. Chanquoy

Digital Tools for the Recording, the Logging and the Analysis of Writing Processes
Introduction, Overview and Framework, K. Sullivan, E. Lindgren
Logging Writing Processes with Inputlog, L. Van Waes, M. Leijten
Combining Keystroke Logging with Eye Tracking, B. Andersson et al.
Progression Analysis: An Ethnographic, Computer-Based Multi- Method Approach to Investigate Natural Writing Processes, D. Perrin
Camtasia & CatMovie: Two Digital Tools for Observing, Documenting and Analyzing Writing Processes of University Students, M. Degenhardt

Writing in Online Educational Environments
Tools, Language Technology and Communication in Computer Assisted Language Learning, P. Karlstrom et al.
Rethinking Instructional Metaphors for Web-Based Writing Environments, M. Palmquist
Approaching the Skills of Writing, P. Henning Uppstad, A. Kari Hansen Wagner

Social and Philosophical Aspects of Writing and Digital Media
Bilingual Literacy and a Modern Digital Divide, S. Ransdell et al
Literacies and the Complexities of the Global Digital Divide, C.L. Selfe et al.
Proposal for a Monument to Lost Data, B. Mauer

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