Langue and Parole in Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective

Selected Proceedings of the XXXIst Annual Meeting of the Soicetas Linguistica Europaea, St. Andrews, 1998

This volume contains 37 papers selected from the proceedings of the XXXIst Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea held at the University of St Andrews, Scotland in 1998. The general theme of the conference was 'langue and parole in synchronic and diachronic perspective', a theme chosen for its enduring importance and one which allowed speakers to reflect on the theoretical notions of langue and parole, to use them in an actual analysis or to present material beyond these core ideas. The breadth of papers published here and the eminence of many of the contributors reflects the fruitfulness of this approach.

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Preface. History of Linguistics Three Saussures - one 'structuralist' avant la lettre (E.F.K. Koerner) Key dates in Twentieth Century linguistics (R.H. Robins) Langue versus Parole. Completeness and symmetricity of paradigms (M. Hint) Parole as an individual realisation of langue (Tadao Shimomiya) Deixis Aspect, voice and deixis in Russian (Y.A. Poupynin) The integration of the German modals into the paradigm of verbal moods (G. Diewald) Morphology Noun classifiers and gender classes - another look (K. Connors) Was ist Stamm? (J. Darski) Semantics Colour categorization and naming in French and Hungarian (I. Forbes, G. Kiss) Associative and semantic word fields in bilinguals: the case of Russian-Hebrew bilingualism (L. Naiditch) Phraseology On the cross-linguistic equivalence of idioms (D. Dobrovol'skij) Towards a description of English and French phraseology (C. Gledhill) Discourse Analysis Register-motivated variation of tense and mood in German final clauses introduced by damit (S.-G. Andersson) Langue and Parole in speech act theories: some considerations and a proposal (E. Fava) Sociolinguistics National profiles of language perception: instrumental vs cultural-value conceptions (N. Guermanova) Historical Linguistics Early collections of private documents: the missing link in the diachronic corpora? (R.B. Sevic). Social networks and language change in Middle English: the challenge of diachrony (A.T. Bergs) The mystery of consonantal nominal stem-building markers in Ancient Germanic (O. Ossipova) Accentual reconstruction of the Proto-System of mainland Japanese dialects (A. Matsumori) Generative Grammar. Doubling clitics and information structure in modern Bulgarian (I.P. Schick) Name index