Slips of the Ear

Errors in the Perception of Casual Conversation

Occasionally, listeners' strategies for dealing with casual speech lead them into an erroneous perception of the intended message - a slip of the ear. When such errors occur, listeners report hearing, as clearly and distinctly as any correctly perceived stretch of speech, something that does not correspond to the speaker's utterance. This book describes and analyzes a collection of almost 1000 examples of misperceptions from real-life conversations. Its coverage includes: complete data set of misperceptions in casual conversation; language understanding in ordinary circumstances; and, classifications and descriptions according to linguistic properties.
Table of contents
Foreword Preface Introduction Vowel Misperceptions Consonant Misperceptions Misperceptions of The Shape of Words Children's Misperceptions The Lexicon Syntax Summary and Conclusions Appendix A: Experimental Errors Appendix B: Data Set References Subject Index
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