Environmental and Climate Change in South and Southeast Asia

How are Local Cultures Coping?


Volume Editor:
Based on pioneering research, this volume on South and Southeast Asia offers a cultural studies' perspective on the vast and largely uncharted domain of how local cultures are coping with climate changes and environmental crises.The primary focus is on three countries that have high emission rates: India, Indonesia, and Thailand. Whereas the dominant discourse on climate largely reflects the view of Western cultures, this volume adds indigenous views and practices that provide insight into Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic responses. Making use of textual materials, fieldwork, and analyses, it highlights the close links between climate solutions, forms of knowledge, and the various socio-cultural and political practices and agencies within societies. The volume demonstrates that climate is global and plural.
Contributors are: Monika Arnez, Somnath Batabyal, Joachim Betz, Susan M. Darlington, Dennis Eucker, Rüdiger Haum, Albertina Nugteren, Marcus Nüsser & Ravi Baghel, Martin Seeger, and Janice Stargardt.

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Barbara Schuler, Dr. phil., is Indologist and former Associate Director of the Centre for Buddhist Studies at Hamburg University. Her field of research encompasses Indian history of religion, ritual studies, visual anthropology, and the history of emotions in Tamil literature.

INTRODUCTION—The Dynamics of Climate and the Dynamics of Culture - BARBARA SCHULER

CHAPTER ONE—Cosmos, Commodity, and Care: Three Layers in Hindu Environmental Awareness - ALBERTINA NUGTEREN
CHAPTER TWO—Ideas and Images of Nature in Thai Buddhism: Continuity and Change - MARTIN SEEGER
CHAPTER THREE—Shifting Notions of Nature and Environmentalism in Indonesian Islam - MONIKA ARNEZ

CHAPTER FOUR—Irrigation in South Thailand as a Coping Strategy Against Climate Change: Past and Present - JANICE STARGARDT
CHAPTER FIVE—The Emergence of the Cryoscape: Contested Narratives of Himalayan Glacier Dynamics and Climate Change - MARCUS NÜSSER & RAVI BAGHEL

CHAPTER SIX—A Shift in India’s Domestic and International Climate Policy? - JOACHIM BETZ
CHAPTER SEVEN—New Politics, Old Paradigms: Urban Environmentalism and the Reshaping of New Delhi - SOMNATH BATABYAL

CHAPTER EIGHT—Environmental Justice in Thailand in the Age of Climate Change - SUSAN M. DARLINGTON
CHAPTER NINE—Mitigating Climate Change: An Additional Role for Technology and Policy in India as well as International Arenas - RÜDIGER HAUM
CHAPTER TEN—Institutional Dynamics of Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia: The Role of ASEAN - DENNIS EUCKER

All interested in climate and culture in South and Southeast Asia, including the Himalayan glaciers, and anyone concerned with forms of knowledge and agentic dimensions on that theme.
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