The Morphology of Wambon of the Irian Jaya Upper-Digul Area

In this book an outline is given of the morphology of Wambon with an emphasis on placing the data in the wider context of the present typological knowledge about Papuan languages. The descriptions are amply illustrated by examples. These examples, mostly taken from recorded texts, have been provided with word-for-word glosses and English translations. Four Wambon texts complete the description.

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Lourens de Vries (1955) studied linguistics at the Free University of Amsterdam. He completed his Ph.D. in 1989 with the dissertation Studies in Wambon and Kombai: Aspects of two Papuan Languages of Irian Jaya. Robinia de Vries-Wiersma (1957) is co-author of the present book and responsible for the phonological introduction preceding the morphology. The authors are members of the Mission of Reformed Churches. Lourens de Vries is currently engaged in further Linguistic research in southern Irian Jaya.