Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Volume 1

Urban Challenges, Public Participation, and Natural Disasters


Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment (formerly The China Environment Yearbook), Volume 1, was written and produced by China’s first environmental non-profit organization, Friends of Nature. This edition of the book combines two years of reports on China's environment from the view of civil society. With a special focus on natural and unnatural disasters, the book also covers the themes of pollution and ecological protection, urban environmental issues and livability, sustainable consumption, policy and governance, civil society and public participation, and China and the world in an environmental perspective.

In this volume, readers are brought up to date on the main environmental issues and events of 2010 and 2011. Beginning in 2010, debris flows, landslides, and droughts brought about considerable debate on the human factors involved in “natural disasters” and on China’s urban growth mode. The concept of urban livability is discussed within the backdrop of the waste and water crises. Several environmental incidents, including the Bohai Bay oil spill and the chromium slag pollution incident in Qujing, are also explored within the book. Meanwhile, increased public participation and environmental information transparency give reason for hope. Other articles include research and analysis on China’s investments in Africa, its struggling environmental courts, public interest litigation, the controversial Xiaonanhai dam and others on the Mekong River, green supply chains, and the PM2.5 debate.

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Yang Dongping is president of Friends of Nature and professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Friends of Nature was the first environmental non-governmental organization in the People’s Republic of China, established in 1994 by Liang Congjie, Yang Dongping, Liang Xiaoyan and Wang Lixiong. The organization has more than 3000 active members and has been recipient fifteen prestigious national and international awards.
All those interested in developments in China's environment and environmental policy. Also an excellent primary source for analysis of the political climate for NGOs and public intellectual and policy discourse in China.
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