Jews, Visigoths and Muslims in Medieval Spain

Cooperation and Conflict


Jews settled in medieval Spain at least by the third century, and under the Christian Visigoths (sixth to eighth centuries) suffered increasing hostility and persecution, from which they were saved by the Muslim invasion (711). This book details the relations between Jews and the Visigoths, and then with the Muslims both in Muslim Spain proper (al-Andalus) and in later Christian Spain to the fifteenth century. It examines both the positive and negative aspects of those relations, drawing on a variety of sources many of which are here utilized for the first time. Political, socio-economic, scientific, cultural, literary and even sexual aspects of the history of the interaction between Jews and Visigoths, and Jews and Muslims, provide hopefully a new insight into a period of great importance in history.

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Norman Roth, Ph.D. (Cornell, 1978), professor of Jewish history and medieval Hebrew literature and philosophy, University of Wisconsin (Madison). Author of many articles and books, including Maimonides. Essays and Texts (1985).
'The strength of the book lies in its fluent use of primary sources, demonstrating how judicious use of Hebrew Sources can sometimes enhance scant information contained in Arabic texts. The cultural and literary sections...strike this reviewer as the most valuable parts of this deeply learned and densely written tome.'
S.D. Benin, Social and Behavioral Sceinces, 1995.
Scholars and students of Muslims and Jews, medieval Spain; general Jewish readership; specialized institutes, academic and public libraries; general readership in Spain.
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