Religion, Migration, Settlement

Reflections on Post-1990 Immigration to Finland


In Religion, Migration, Settlement, Tuomas Martikainen provides an account of the impact of immigration on the field of religion in Finland since the 1990s. As a historical country of emigration that has turned into one of immigration, Finland provides an illuminating case study of the complexities of post-Cold War migration. The book analyses processes of migrant settlement from the viewpoint of religious organisations by applying theoretical perspectives to immigrant integration, global-local dynamics, governance of religious diversity, processes of migrant settlement and structural adaptation. The book is of relevance to those grappling with the impact of international migration on contemporary religious developments.

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Tuomas Martikainen, Ph.D. (2004), Åbo Akademi University, is Professor of Ethnic Relations at the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki, Finland. His areas of interest in the study of religion include globalisation, migration and settlement, governance and consumerism.
"This collection offers a comprehensive portrait of immigrant religion in contemporary Finland - doing so by providing a number of angles of vision on the subject."
Peter Kivisto, Augustana College, Biblical Theology Bulletin, Vol. 45 (2015)

"Martikainen’s book is well suited to provide an overview and an introduction to the field of religion and migration. It covers most aspects of this field of research succinctly, providing examples from the field research in Finland."
Sebastian Rimestad, Erfurt, Entangled Religions 3 (2016)

"With all the knowledge of Finnish religious landscape - and, especially of Islam in Finland - the book is worth reading for anyone who is interested in interconnections of migration and religion."
Kaisa Nissi, University of Jyväskylä,Finland, Nordic Journal of Migration Research 5:3
Students, post-graduates and scholars interested in religion, migration and diaspora.
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