The Legality and Legitimacy of the Use of Force in Northeast Asia


In The Legality and Legitimacy of the Use of Force in Northeast Asia, Brendan Howe and Boris Kondoch bring together distinguished authors with extensive Northeast Asian backgrounds to offer a diverse and comprehensive evaluation of when it is right, from regional perspectives, to use force in international relations.

The use of force in international relations has been severely curtailed by pragmatic considerations of international order, and further constrained by positive international law. In Northeast Asia, the prohibition of aggression has remained uncontested. Strict adherence to non-intervention in Northeast Asia has, however, increasingly come under attack from internal and external normative communities. The contributors, therefore, use regional legal, normative, cultural, and historical insights to shed light on the contemporary positions of Northeast Asian political communities with regard to the use of force.

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Brendan M. Howe, Ph.D. (2004), Tritiy College, Dublin, is Professor and Department Chair at GSIS, Ewha Womans University. He has 14 years’ experience researching on and teaching in East Asia; extensive publications on related topics including multiple SSCI ranked journal articles and four books.

Boris Kondoch is Professor at Far East University and editor of the Journal of International Peacekeeping published by Brill/Martinus Niijhoff. He has published extensively on international law and international peace-keeping related subjects. He previuosly edited eight books.
List of Contributors
1. Introduction
Brendan Howe and Boris Kondoch
2. Aggression, the Prohibition of the Use of Force and North-East Asia
Boris Kondoch
3. East Asian Values and Humanitarian Intervention
Brendan Howe
4. Between Harmonious World and “War of Order”: Chinese Meanings of Just War and Their Reemergence
Nadine Godehardt
5. From Ideology to Pragmatism: China’s Position on Humanitarian Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era
Jonathan Davis
6. The Paradox of Non-use of “Use of Force” Option in Japan’s Foreign and Security Policy Consensus
Toshiya Hoshino
7. "The Crime of Aggression" and Japan
Madoka Futamura
8. Questioning the Legality and Legitimacy of a Preventive Strike by the U.S. to Disarm North Korea of Nuclear Weapons
Dan Ernst
All interested in Northeast Asia and the use of force in international relations.
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