Status Warriors

War, Violence and Society in Homer and History


This collection includes all 23 volumes of the renowned series Dutch Monographs on Ancient History and Archaeology that were originally published in the Gieben series, between 1985 to 2002. Topics range from water supply in ancient Rome to ethnicity in Ptolemaic Egypt to shorthand writers in the Roman empire.

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Pages: 1–3
History in Poetry
On reconstructing the Homeric world
Pages: 5–23
Life in Town
The organisation of household, community and state
Pages: 25–58
The Importance of Being Angry
Status, personal power and violence
Pages: 61–165
Pillage and Destruction
Predatory and status warfare
Pages: 167–258
Pages: 261–265
Towns and Townsfolk
Pages: 267–310
Notes to the Preface
Pages: 311–415
Pages: 417–440
Subject Index
Pages: 441–455
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