A Critical Youth Studies for the 21st Century


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In A Critical Youth Studies for the 21st Century Peter Kelly and Annelies Kamp present an edited collection that explores the challenges and opportunities faced by young people in an often dangerous 21st century. In an increasingly globalised world these challenges and opportunities include those associated with widening inequalities, precarious labour markets, the commodification of education, the hopes for democracy, and with practising an identity under these circumstances and in these spaces.

Drawing on contemporary critical social theories and diverse methodologies, contributors to the collection, who are established and emerging scholars from the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific, open up discussions about what a critical youth studies can contribute to community, policy and academic debates about these challenges and opportunities.

Contributors are: Anna Anderson, Dena Aufseeser, Judith Bessant, Ros Black, Daniel Briggs, Laurie Browne, David Cairns, Perri Campbell, James Côté, Ann Dadich, Maria de Lourdes Beldi Alacantra, Nora Duckett, Deirdre Duffy, Angela Dwyer, Christina Ergler, Michelle Fine, Madeline Fox, Andy Furlong, Theo Gavrielides, Henry Giroux, John Goodwin, Keith Heggart, Luke Howie, Amelia Johns, Annelies Kamp, Peter Kelly, Fengshu Liu, Conor McGuckin, Majella McSharry, Filipa Menezes, Magda Nico, Pam Nilan, Henrietta O'Connor, Jo Pike, Herwig Reiter, Geraldine Scanlon, Keri Schwab, Michael Shevlin, Adnan Selimovic, Joan Smith, Jodie Taylor, Steven Threadgold, Vappu Tyyskä, Brendan Walsh, Lucas Walsh, Rob Watts, Bronwyn Wood, Dan Woodman, and David Zyngier.

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On Becoming
Pages: 15–23
On Assemblage
Pages: 241–249
ANTsy Youth
Pages: 369–378
Peter Kelly is Deputy Head of School of Education (Research and Innovation), RMIT University. His previous books include Working in Jamie’s Kitchen: Passion, Salvation and Young Workers, and The Self as Enterprise: Foucault and the ‘Spirit’ of 21st Century Capitalism.

Annelies Kamp lectures and researches at Dublin City University in Ireland where she is responsible for the Masters programme in Education & Training Management (Leadership). She is also the author of Rethinking Learning Networks: Collaborative Possibilities for a Deleuzian Century.
Notes on the Contributors

Essay – 21st Century Hinterlands
Peter Kelly & Annelies Kamp

First Gathering: Troubling Education and Transition

On Becoming
Annelies Kamp & Peter Kelly

1. Young People and the Social Consequences of the Post-Industrial Economy: Lessons from Japan
Andy Furlong

2. A Critical Reassessment of the ‘Complexity’ Orthodoxy: Lessons from Existing Data and Youth ‘Legacy’ Studies
John Goodwin & Henrietta O’Connor

3. Beyond ‘Biographical’ and ‘Cultural Illusions’ in European Youth Studies: Temporality and Critical Youth Studies.
Magda Nico

4. The Ambiguous Mobilities of Young Australians
Lucas Walsh & Rosalyn Black

5. Young People and Food: The Moral Project of the Healthy Self
Jo Pike

6. (Dis)ability and Choice: The Dilemmas of Young People’s Transition to Further and Higher Education in Ireland
Geraldine Scanlon, Michael Shevlin & Conor McGuckin

7. Deleuze and the Teenage Mother: Trouble Makers for Thinking Education and Transition
Annelies Kamp

Second Gathering: Wild and Tame Zones: Governmentalities and the Problem of Young People

Where the Wild Things Are
Peter Kelly & Annelies Kamp

8. On Fictions and Wicked Problems in Juvenile Justice: Towards a Critical Youth Studies
Rob Watts

9. Religiosity and the Problem of Belonging for Amerindian Young People in Brazil
Maria de Lourdes de Beldi Alacantara

10. The Problems of Child Labour and Education in Peru: A Critical Analysis of ‘Universal’ Approaches to Youth Development.
Dena Aufseeser

11. Running to the Future: Youth Inequalities, Homelessness and Points of Reinsertion
Joan Smith, Nora Duckett & Filipa Menezes

12. A Tale of Two Crises: Young People and the Great Recession in Portugal and Ireland
David Cairns

13. Resisting Youth and the Crushing State Violence of Neoliberalism
Henry A. Giroux

Third Gathering: Assemblages, Hybridities, Mobilities? Globalization and Young People’s Identities

On Assemblage
Annelies Kamp & Peter Kelly

14. Queer Youth Research/ers: A Reflexive Account of Risk and Intimacy in an Ethical (Mine)field
Jodie Taylor & Angela Dwyer

15. Youth Culture in/beyond Indonesia: Hybridity or Assemblage?
Pam Nilan

16. Wangba and Heterotopian Experiences: Urban Chinese Young People and Their Use of Internet Cafes
Fengshu Liu

17. Bloods, Crips and Southern Cross Soldiers: Gang Identities in Australia
Amelia Johns

18. Fostering Complicit Femininity: Epoch, Education and the Young Female Body
Majella McSharry & Brendan Walsh

19. Iraqi and US Contact Zones: Encountering Young People on the Frontlines of the War on Terror
Perri Campbell & Luke Howie

20. Youth Research as Transformative Social Critique: Uncertainties of Young People in Post-Socialist Lithuania
Herwig Reiter

Fourth Gathering: On Actants and Method Assemblages
Essay – ANT(sy) Youth
Annelies Kamp & Peter Kelly

21. Our Troubling Fix on Urban Adolescents: A New York Story
Madeline Fox & Michelle Fine

22. Re-imagining Youth Participation in the 21st Century: Young People in Aotearoa New Zealand Speak Out
Christina Ergler & Bronwyn Wood

23. Beyond the Romance of Participatory Youth Research
Ann Dadich

24. Moving Beyond ‘Frail’ Democracy: a Youth-Led Youth Studies
Theo Gavrielides

25. ‘Elegant Subversion’: Beyond Deficit and Compensation to Education for ‘Communities of Promise’
David Zyngier

26. Justice Citizens: Contesting Young People’s Participation and Citizenship at the Start of the 21st Century
Keith Heggart

27. The Institutionalization of Ethics: Challenges for Community-Based Research with Young People in the 21st Century
Keri Schwab & Laurie Browne

28. Making Meaning with the Meaning Makers: Ethnography, Risk and Young British Holidaymakers
Daniel Briggs

29. Disruption, Disassembling and Unthinking: 21st Century Youth Work in England and Some Lessons for Critical Youth Studies
Deirdre Duffy

Fifth Gathering: What is/can be Critical about Critical Youth Studies in the 21st Century?

An ‘Untimely’ Youth Studies?
Peter Kelly & Annelies Kamp

30. The Politics of the Newcomer: Notes on a Critical Social Theory of Youth
Adnan Selimovic

31. Critical Youth Studies in an Individualized and Globalized World: Making the Most of Bourdieu and Beck
Dan Woodman & Steve Threadgold

32. What is Critique? The Critical Potential of Foucault’s Genealogy
Anna Anderson

33. Towards a Non-Normative Youth Studies? A Framework for a Critical Conversation between Psychologies and Sociologies of Young People
Vappu Tyyskä & James Côté

34. In Pursuit of El Dorado: Notes on an Encounter with Youth Policy in Terra Incognita
Judith Bessant

35. Zygmunt Bauman’s Challenge for Critical Youth Studies: Ambivalence and the Re-enchantment of a Social Scientific Imagination
Peter Kelly

Undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics, practitioners, media commentators, third sector and government policy professionals interested in youth studies in the context of the 21st Century.
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