Die ältesten georgischen Inschriften

The book gives an overview of the most important inscriptions in Early Old Georgian. It shows the development of Georgian alphabetic writing (from the oldest Mrgvlovani via Kutkhovani to modern Mkhedruli) and deals with the earliest Mrgvlovani inscriptions. These inscriptions are reproduced as copy trace and rendered in transcription, with the solution of abbreviations and accompanied by a German translation. The author classifies the inscriptions, both in as outside of Georgia, according to graphical, linguistic and textual features, and groups these per period. The result is in accord with historiographical traditions, both those of the Georgians and ancient writers, and Georgian handwriting.

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Heinz Fähnrich, Ph.D. (1970) in Caucasian languages, University of Tbilisi, was Professor of Caucasian Philology at Jena University from 1965-2006. His publications cover Georgian, Kartvelian and other Caucasian languages, Georgian background studies, history, folklore and literature, ethnography and translations from Georgian to German. In January 2012 he received an honorary degree of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and was awarded the Order of the Golden Fleece of the Georgian Republic.
all those interested in the history, philology, ethnography and culture of the Caucasus and Georgia as well as Sovjet Russia.
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