Embedded Entrepreneurship: Market, Culture, and Micro-Business in Insular Southeast Asia


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Embedded Entrepreneurship examines the importance of cultural meaning in the creation and utilization of economic value. Based on case-studies from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, the authors demonstrate that micro-scale entrepreneurship is intertwined with prevailing conceptions, moralities and habituations in the entrepreneurs’ social milieu. More specifically, the volume argues that meaning-making is integral to economic opportunity; that economic actors’ market agency is shaped by cultural experiences; that entrepreneurs' prototypical “individualism” is socially contingent; and that cultural meanings channel economic value among economic and social domains. Addressing core questions about “embedding”, the authors suggest theoretical convergences between economic anthropology and economic sociology.
Contributors include: Signe Howell, Ingrid Rudie, Leif Manger, Olaf H. Smedal, Frode F. Jacobsen, Kristianne Ervik, Anette Fagertun, Lars Gjelstad, Nils Hidle, Anja Lillegraven, Solgunn Olsen and Ingvild Solvang.

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Eldar Bråten, Dr.Polit. (1995), the University of Bergen, Norway, is Associate Professor of Social Anthropology at that university. His research interests are social formations in Southeast Asia and Norway, and he has mainly published on Javanese culture and society.
All interested in entrepreneurship, micro-scale business, the relation between culture and economy, and everyday life in Insular Southeast Asia.
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