Philo of Alexandria - An Exegete for His Time


Philo's writings are a comprehensive and important source of late Second Temple Judaism. This volume gives important insights into his exegetical works. The structure of the books and their exegetical ideas are seen here as being closely connected and his writings are analysed against the background of the history, variety and outlook of Alexandrian Jewry. Philo's exegesis is a meeting place between Jewish and Greek notions and ideas; tensions are reflected, such as those between particularism and universalism, between specific biblical and historical earthly events and general macro- and micro-cosmic principles, and between heavenly ascents and interpreted history and eschatology. In addition, glimpses are gained of community life in a Hellenistic Jewish community, especially of issues on the borderline between Jews and their non-Jewish surroundings. New Testament material illuminates Philo's broader Jewish context, and in turn Philo throws light on New Testament backgrounds.

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Peder Borgen, Ph.D., Dr. Theol., is Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Religious Studies, the University of Trondheim, Norway. He has published extensively on Hellenistic Judaism and on the New Testament, including Bread from Heaven. An Exegetical Study of the Concept of Manna in the Gospel of John and the Writings of Philo, (Brill, 1965, reprinted 1981).
'This book belongs in any library with a collection of books on ancient Judaism, particularly Hellenistic Judaism.'
Frederick J. Murphy, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 1999.
'…an impressive piece of scholarship.'
Gregory E. Sterling, The Studia Philonica Annual, 1998.
'It makes demands upon the reader, but those who are prepared to work through it carefully will find the effort well worthwhile…Peder Borgen has enriched the literature on Philo and on the New Testament over many years, and this latest volume is a valuable contribution toward the better understanding of Philo's work.'
R.Mcl. Wilson, Review of Biblical Literature, 2000.
…une très belle synthèse sur l’exégèse philonienne.
Patrice Cambronne, Revue des Etudes Anciennes, 2000.
…I can recommend this monograph to everyone who is interested in Philo’s exegesis…With this monograph borgen has again shown that he belongs to the most prominent Philonic scholars of our time.
A.C. Geljon, Vigiliae Christianae, 2002
All those interested in Late Second Temple Judaism, students and scholars of Early Christianity, classical philologists, and all interested in religion, philosophy and community life in the Graeco-Roman world.
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