Selected Academic Papers of Pan Maoyuan on Higher Education


Professor Pan Maoyuan is a distinguished educationist on higher education in China. This anthology includes Pan’s representative essays at different times, which are independent from but have logical connections with one another. Some essays focus on elaborating the basic rules of education and its application, and probing the key features of the teaching principle during the teaching process of higher education. Meanwhile, some essays are mainly about the practice of higher education, including a profound exploration of the serious theoretical and practical problems during different periods in China’s higher education developments so as to find out scientific and feasible ideas as well as measures to solve the problems. Readers would get a better understanding of higher education research in China and get more acquainted with the country’s higher education development over the past few decades. Readers would also obtain valuable insight by comparing China with the development of higher education system in other countries.

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1 Basic Rules of Education and Their Interrelationships
Report Presented in Huazhong University of Science and Technology in April, 1988
Pages: 1–13
8 Education Reform is the Core
Speech Presented at the First National Education Conference of General Higher Education Institutions March 25, 1998
Pages: 103–106
Pages: 225–227
Pages: 228–230
Pan Maoyuan graduated from the Department of Education of Xiamen University in 1945 and furthered his education by attending graduate programs at Renmin University of China and Beijing Normal University from 1951 to 1952. He has received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Hull, UK. Pan Maoyuan now acts as the honorary dean of the Institute of Education of Xiamen University, consultant of China Association of Higher Education and lifelong honorary chairman of Research Council of Higher Education in China. As the founder of the discipline of higher education in China, Pan Maoyuan was the chief editor of the first Chinese Pedagogy of Higher Education (1984, Renmin jiaoyu chubanshe).He has authored and edited many volumes on higher education in China.
Preface by Gerard A. Postiglione
Foreword by Lin Jinhui
Chapter One: The Basic Rules of Education and Their Interrelationships
Chapter Two: A Study on Higher Education of the Multidisciplinary Perspective
Chapter Three: Transformation of China’s Higher Education Thoughts during Thirty Years of Reform and Opening-up
Chapter Four: Disciplinary Construction of China’s Higher Education
Chapter Five: Tradition Culture and Modernization of Higher Education in China
Chapter Six: Classification, Orientation, Characteristics, Quality: Problems Existing in Present China’s Higher Education Development
Chapter Seven: The Initial Exploration of the Teaching Principle System of Higher Education Institutions
Chapter Eight: Education Reform Is the Core
Chapter Nine: Impacts of Market Economy and the Choice of Higher Education
Chapter Ten: Discussion on the Establishment of an Independent System of Higher Vocational Education
Chapter Eleven: On the “Transitional Stage” from Elite to Mass Higher Education
Chapter Twelve: Scale, Speed, Quality and Characteristic: Issues in Modern Chinese Higher Education
Chapter Thirteen: Current Status and Several Issues in the Development of Mainland Non-state Education
Chapter Fourteen: Legislation: Guarantee of the Development of Private Higher Education
Chapter Fifteen: On Localization of Chinese Higher Education
Chapter Sixteen: Improving Local Undergraduate College Education and Building a Stronger Country in Higher Education
Chapter Seventeen: The College Entrance Examination:From the Selective Examination to the Adaptive Examination
Chapter Eighteen: The Achievements and Prospects of the Reform of the Self-Taught Higher Education Examination System
Chapter Nineteen: Understanding and Practice of Outline of China’s National Plan for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development (2010–2020)
Chapter Twenty: Running Higher Education Institutions Should Avoid Homogenization
All interested in the history of Chinese education and its interaction with Chinese culture tradition.
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