Faith in the Familiar

Religion, Spirituality and Place in the South of the Netherlands


Faith in the Familiar is an ethnography of religious change in the Netherlands, a country that has moved from strongly pillarized to strongly secularist in the space of fifty years. This book shows how people look back on this, but also how Catholic rituals continue to play a role in the reproduction of place. Furthermore, it shows how forms of spiritualism and new age have become part of a pluralistic local religious landscape, and are used to create new ways of relating to religious authority and to reshape personal relationships.

Situating itself within general theories of religious change in Western Europe, it offers a contribution to this discussion from an angle that is often neglected, focusing on locality, rather than on globalization; on what happens to ‘old’ religion, rather than on new religious trends, on popular forms of ‘spirituality’ rather than on middle class and highbrow spirituality.

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Kim E. Knibbe, PhD (2007), is assistant professor in the sociology of religion at the University of Groningen. She has recently co-edited a collection of ethnographic papers entitled Gender and Power in Contemporary Spirituality, (Routledge 2012).
Academic researchers, students and public libraries interested in the sociology of religion, anthropology of religion, antrhopology of christianity, contemporary religion in Europe, New Age and contemporary spirituality, popular religion.
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