Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism. Volume Two



Edited by Jonathan A. Silk Leiden University, Editor-in-Chief. Editors: Richard Bowring, University of Cambridge , Vincent Eltschinger, EPHE, Paris, and Michael Radich, Heidelberg University
There is no Buddhism without Buddhists, without the monks, poets and philosophers who constituted Buddhist communities of every time and place. In the same way, there is no Buddhism without the Buddha and the hosts of figures who populate the Buddhist Universe, bodhisattvas, gods, deities and so on. This second volume of Brill’s Encyclopedia of Buddhism, devoted to Lives, offers a wide array of entries devoted both to the Buddhist pantheon and to historical Buddhists from throughout Asia in the pre-modern period. Folllowing on the 2015 publication of Volume I, dedicated primarily to Buddhist literature, this volume offers in its first section entries on transhistorical and translocal figures, while the second section presents accounts of historical or semi-historical individuals, organized by geographic region, from India through Central, Southeast, and East Asia, in almost 200 substantial separate entries.


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All those interested in religions in South Asia, the history of Buddhism, as well as Indologists and historians of religions.

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