Coleophoridae, Coleophorinae (Lepidoptera)


Concerns about global biodiversity are rising dramatically, yet we are lagging behind in the most basic prerequisite for its understanding and conservation: the inventory. Insect species may make up five or ten times the number of all other plant and animal species combined, and as such they represent one of the major challenges in biosystematic science. World Catalogue of Insects is an initiative aiming at compiling worldscale, authoritative catalogues of monophyletic insect taxa. Volumes in this series contain standard nomenclatoral information on all names pertaining to the taxon treated, including type locality and distribution to the extent this is relevant. Additional information is optional, e.g., location, status and condition of types; biology; bibliographical information; pest status; vector status; etc. This volume eight focuses on Coleophoridae, Coleophorinae (Lepidoptera). (Series: World Catalogue of Insects)

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Introduction 7
Data sources and arrangement of the catalogue 9
Nomenclatural acts 11
Acknowledgements 13
Family-group names 14
Catalogue of the Coleophoridae: Coleophorinae 15
 Augasma Herrich-Schaffer, 1853 15
 Coleophora Hubner, 1822 15
 Goniodoma Zeller, 1849 124
 Ischnophanes Meyrick, 1891 125
 Metriotes Herrich-Schaffer, 1853 125
Appendix 1. Unavailable names 127
 Nomina nuda and rejected names 127
 Incorrect spellings 129
Appendix 2. Taxa excluded from the Coleophorinae 134
References 137
Index 195
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