A Systematic Catalogue of the Zygaenidae (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae)

This work reflects modern concepts of systematics at the generic, specific and subspecific levels and aims to update the now outdated catalogue by Reiss & Tremewan (1967), and to bring stability into the nomenclature. The author, date and literature reference of each nominal taxon are cited, together with full synonymies. Type localities of taxa at species and subspecies levels are provided, as well as the range of each species and the distribution of each subspecies. Larval host-plants are listed under each zygaenid species (and vice-versa) and are also indexed by family and species. Literature references are annotated with the same key-words that were used in the Bibliography, to which the Catalogue is a companion and to which this work also contains an updating supplement. It concludes with an index of valid nominal taxa and their synoyms.


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