Islamic Law in Past and Present


Islamic Law in Past and Present, written by the lawyer and Islamicist Mathias Rohe, is the first comprehensive study for decades on Islamic law, legal theory, reform mechanisms and the application of Islamic law in Islamic countries and the Muslim diaspora. It provides information based on an abundance of Oriental and Western sources regarding family and inheritance law, contract and economic law, penal law, constitutional, administrative and international law. The present situation and ‘law in action’ are highlighted particularly. This includes examples collected during field studies on the application of Islamic law in India, Canada and Germany.

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Mathias Rohe, Dr. iur. (19 ), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, is professor of Civil Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law and Head of the Erlangen Centre for Islam and Law in Europe. He has published numerous monographs, book chapters and articles on Islamic law based on several field studies in various countries.
“As Mathias Rohe illustrates in this magisterial survey, Islamic law has not historically been either regressive or especially rigid. Literalism, so often associated with simplistic religious interpretation, was not even an option for early Muslim jurists, because orthodoxy has always held that God’s message to the Prophet Muhammad evolved gradually over two decades…. Rohe’s analysis, here and throughout, is measured – in keeping with a hope he expresses to steer clear of both ‘trivialisation and demonisation’ –and should therefore only be welcomed.” SADAKAT KADRI in: Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2017)
All scholars, legal practitioners and academics interested in the system, the development and the practice of Islamic law in past and present; academic and legal professional libraries.
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