Mpu Monaguṇa's Sumanasāntaka

An Old Javanese Epic Poem, its Indian Source and Balinese Illustrations


Mpu Monaguṇa's early thirteenth century epic poem Sumanasāntaka is a vernacular rendering of Kālidāsa's story of Prince Aja and Princess Indumatī told in the Raghuvaṃśa. In it the poet exploits his source narrative to describe and comment on the Javanese world of his times.
In Mpu Monaguṇa's Sumanasāntaka the authors offer an edited text and translation of Mpu Monaguṇa's epic kakawin and extensive commentary on the editing of the manuscripts and history of the poem and its story, the relationship between the Old Javanese poem and Kālidāsa's Raghuvaṃśa, the way in which the poem imagines the lived environment of ancient Java in the early thirteenth century and Balinese painted representations of the story of Prince Aja and Princess Indumatī.

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Peter Worsley, Ph.D. (1972), University of Leiden, is Professor Emeritus attached to the Department of Indonesian Studies at that university. He has published books and articles on the literary and art history of ancient Java and Bali.

S. Supomo, PhD (1971), Australian National University, is Research Associate attached to Island Southeast Asia at that university. He has published edited and translated Old Javanese epic poems and articles on ancient Javanese literature, including Bhāratayuddha, (1993).

Thomas M. Hunter, Ph.D. (1988), The University of Michigan, is a Lecturer in Indonesian and Sanskrit Languages at The University of British Columbia. He has published many articles, book chapters and translations on the ancient literature of Java and Bali.

Margaret Fletcher, PhD (2003), University of Sydney. Margaret has an established reputation as an editor and translator of Old Javanese literary works. She has edited and translated the Kidung Wargasari and the Kakawin Añang Nirartha.
All interested in the literature of ancient Java and Bali, the social and cultural history of ancient Java and Bali, Balinese Art History and Sanskrit Literature.