Human Rights and the Impact of Religion


This volume is about the impact of religion (beliefs and practices) on attitudes towards human rights of the first, second and third generation. The first four papers about the impact of Lutheranism, Calvinism, Catholicism and Islam are historical and theoretical of character. The six other papers are based on empirical research in England and Wales, Germany, Turkey, India, Norway and on comparative empirical research in six North-West European countries. From both groups of articles it appears that ‘the’ impact of religion does not exist. In varying historical periods and contexts various religions, c.q. religious denominations, have various effects on attitudes towards human rights, i.e. positive effects (+), ambivalent effects (±), no effects (0), and negative effects (−).

Contributors include: Francis-Vincent Anthony, Pal Ketil Botvar, Selim Eren, Leslie Francis, Üzejir Ok, Ruud Peters, Marion Reindl, Mandy Robbins, Rik Torfs, Johannes (Hans) van der Ven, John Witte Jr., Hans-Georg Ziebertz

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Johannes A. (Hans) van der Ven, PhD Nijmegen 1973, Honorary Doctor Lund 1998, is research associate for religion and human rights in the department of political philosophy at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He publishes extensively on religion and human rights in a theoretical and empirical perspective including Human Rights or Religious Rules?, Brill, Leiden 2010.

Hans-Georg Ziebertz, PhD theol. 1990 Nijmegen, PhD rer.soc Tübingen 1993, is holding the chair of Practical Theology /Religious Education at the University of Würzburg, Germany. Recently he published books on Youth in Europe, Gender in Islam and Christianity, and on Religion and Human Rights (Menschenrechte, Christentum und Islam, LIT, Münster 2010).
This is a "superb" and "impressive" book, according to Derek H. Davis: "All of the essays included in this volume are far richer in content and research findings that can be presented in a brief book review. Emperical reserach in the human rights field is scanty at best, thus Brill and the editors and contributors of the series' volumes are to be commended for making needed contributions to advancing human rights theory and practice with the publication of these volumes."

Derek H Davis, Waco, Texas (USA)

Introduction ... 1
Johannes A. van der Ven and Hans-Georg Ziebertz

Between Sanctity and Depravity: Human Dignity and Human Rights in Classical Lutheran Perspective ... 9
ohn Witte

Rights, Resistance, and Revolution in the Western Tradition: Early Protestant Foundations ... 25
John Witte

Human Rights in the History of the Roman Catholic Church ... 55
Rik Torfs

(In)compatibility of Religion and Human Rights: The Case of Islam ... 75
Ruud Peters

Religion, Personality and Human Rights: An Empirical Study among Adolescents in England and Wales Distinguishing
between Religious Identity and Textual Authority among Christians and Muslims ... 97
Leslie J. Francis and Mandy Robbins

Religion and Attitudes towards Euthanasia and Abortion. An Empirical Study among Young Christians and Muslims in Germany ... 119
Hans-Georg Ziebertz and Marion Reindl

Attitudes towards Human Rights and Religiosity: A Case of Turkish Adolescents ... 145
Üzeyir Ok and Selim Eren

Towards a Legitimate Role of Religion in the Domain of Socioeconomic Rights. An Empirical Study among Adolescents in North West
European countries ... 165
Johannes A. van der Ven

Public Significance of Religion with regard to Socioeconomic Rights in the Multireligious Context of Tamil Nadu, India ... 203
Francis-Vincent Anthony

Religion and Attitudes towards Socioeconomic Human Rights. An Empirical Study of Young Adults in Norway ... 243
Pål Ketil Botvar

List of Contributors ... 263

Index ... xx
All those interested in religion, especially Christianity and Islam, in human rights, and their interrelations, as well as historians, political scientists, sociologists, philosophers and ethicists.
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